On another note, “Small Miracles” hopes to be a spiritual antidote for much of the mass media today, which seems aligned with the ‘sitra achra’ (the ‘dark side’).  Wisdom says this pollutes consciousness and this world with images of darkness and fear. Whereas we attempted to create something new (a ‘chiddush’), a show to be spiritually re-invigorating, to help us all open our eyes to the miracles that abound all around us at every moment. 

It is with this intention that I am proposing we launch an almost pragmatic (if there is such a thing) Kabbalistic journey, using the semi-controllable micro/macrocosm of “Small Miracles”, all the while acquiring the tools and language of Kabbalah to the best of our abilities. In simple words, let’s watch “Small Miracles” together and talk about all the nuances and meaning (if you see any), on our Website Blog and G-d willing I publish a corresponding flow of articles informed by your input and offering our deeper and deeper understanding of Kabbalah. We have the opportunity to inspect and interpret something from the ‘language of the heart’, the organ in Kabbalah which is the ‘King to the Soul’. (As discussed in the seminal Sefer Yetzirah, The ‘Book of Creation’ which is said to have been brought thousands of years ago by Abraham. The very popular modern New Age Self Help author, Gary Zukav, has made a very big business out of his series, “Seat of the Soul”).

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