What Scientologists Believe

Central tenets of Scientology, based on the questions in the Belief-O-Matic quiz.


10/05/2011 12:20:17 PM

As a Scientologist I would like to share a viewpoint. I am sure many of those commenting here are religious, kind and caring people. I do not believe they would be part of the Beliefet community otherwise. But on unfortunate factor in our modern information age is the ease with which false information and plain religious bigotry can be spread through a culture. If you believe in family values, the worth of the individual, help and caring about others, you have a great deal in common with every Scientologist. For forty years I have been bombarded with strange stories about my religion--stories I have never found to be true. And yes, I have looked. To those interested enough to be on this page, I recommend you look for yourself. Read a book by L. Ron Hubbard, visit the Church's website at www.scientology.org and watch videos about our basic beliefs and practices. Better still, you probably know a Scientologist. Take your questions up with him or her personally and accept an invitation to a Church, Mission or Scientology group to find out for yourself. Frankly, nothing beats looking for yourself. And yes, you CAN trust your own judgment. If there is anything Scientology stands for it is for helping the individual gain enough confidence in his own ability to look and make his own decisions.


12/20/2010 05:12:14 PM

I cant believe people actually believe in a religion that was founded in the 1950s, I would have more respect for them if it was at least 300 years old


06/08/2010 06:37:27 AM

All hail Lord Xenu. We embrace you and welcome you


02/20/2010 07:32:39 PM

My suggestion would be to think long about joining a religion that was founded by a pulp science fiction writer...and a religion that requires substantial outlays of cash in order to gain spiritual insight.


11/25/2009 01:36:39 PM

Only our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Can give freely the gift of salvation. Please repent from dead works and have faith in God. Romans !0:9,10. Thank you. Scott.


11/15/2009 12:08:30 PM

COPYRIGHT."FAITH AND HOPE"//BABY BOOGIE/Art.Craft.Poetry/DUCHESS We're are living in our own conflictet world--A world made out of steel--were you can find no place that is safe--or to hide--our own refklection of Inperfection--Iven the pure souls are restless--were Faith got destroyd--and Hope got taken


11/14/2009 10:19:32 PM

COPYRIGHT.FAITH AND HOPE.BABY BOOGIE.DUCHESS cchapintschudi@yahoo.com Piece of Mind--One thing eludes me--I can't seem to find--Hoch much is a little piece of mind!--Know I'm beginning to see--there's really no surprice--What You bring to the game is in your eye's--What You feel in Your heart is what You got--What You can't face Baby--will destroy You yet. DUCHESS


11/14/2009 10:09:38 PM

COPYRIGHT.FAITH AND HOPE/BABY BOOGIE/DUCHESS cchapintschudi@yahoo.com All life is suffering, so please let us sing-and let the echo ring!.............May PEACE shine up on us, for seconds, that is all it would take, to the everlasting paradise! DUCHESS


08/13/2009 10:53:34 AM

I don't really know if I understand all this "scientology" cr$#. There are so many religions its ridiculous. I just know that there is a Higher Power and if I have the faith in that I will be Ok. Prayer and doing the right thing have definately done my life well. KISS-Keep It Simple Stupid!!!


07/22/2009 05:24:22 PM

You can always tell a write-up written by someone who is not a member of the group by the use of "I don't agree, but this is what I read they believe"- type quotes.


07/15/2009 03:38:58 AM

I was a scientologist for more than 5 years. Their tactic is to lie about and disguise their actual beliefs until you are thoroughly trapped and indoctrinated (brainwashed) into their way of believing. In my opinion it is the most dangerous cult in the country. They will deny this and say it is a ridiculous lie but here is the true core belief: All of your problems are caused by the hundreds of souls of alien beings that have been stuck to your body without you being aware of them. They will tell you scientology processing is the only way to remove these stuck invisible space aliens. You are told this after A LOT of money has been taken from you, after you have been stripped of your own beliefs, and are at a point where you will believe anything they tell you. Ridiculous, stupid and horrible but true. Google Xenu and see for yourself. They are experts at brainwashing. You don't get to hear the crazy stuff until you've been "conditioned". Do yourself a favor...RUN!


07/10/2009 06:41:40 PM

@Louanne (5/14/2009 9:25:29 PM) I believe that, more than restricting yourself you one specific source, it's important to view multiple angles- but only if you feel the need to do so! For instance, when considering a religion, one should consider the adherents as well as the critics in order to gain a holistic view.


06/20/2009 04:26:58 AM

I, for one, boycott all Tom Cruise movies because of this crazy nonsense. Him and his wife do have the most adorable daughter though.


05/14/2009 09:25:29 PM

One important thing I've learned is that to find out what something is or isn't (such as Scientology or anything else for that matter), one needs to go to the source. Who is to say that the person telling you about it really understands herself? The correct source is the books themselves. Just as one christian minister may have a completely different view & interpretation of the bible than another, the bible itself is the source - read it to see if you agree or not. Otherwise, you don't really know and should leave it at that - "I never read the Bible so I don't know." http://www.scientology.org/ http://scientologymyths.info/


05/05/2009 03:48:35 AM

Personally, I can't see how anyone can look at this religion and take it seriously. When my friend Yeg, who happens to be a scientologist, told me just what it was she believed...I had to ask if she was pulling my leg. Now this is just my own thoughts and I certainly won't shove my religion down anyone's throat (unlike someone by the name on njbear) so don't take it the wrong way. Believe what you want to, but theres a point where you have to ask "Does it make sense?" and if it does make sense for you the hor-freaking-ray because that basically all religion is, the pursuit of happiness. Have a great day. :)

Ace 3

02/17/2009 12:40:39 PM

Rigbear, it is comforting to you that you are all knowing and know that your way is the only way. Why you must be God if you are all knowing!!! Seriously though this is the problem I have with religious exteremist or in your case a Jesus freak. I think that your religion is as much a cult as scientology or another form of religion. I respect your belief but what I do not respect is your attitude to those of us who believe differently.

faith in jesus

01/09/2009 06:05:50 PM

To me its sad to think that you will never see your love ones again.I dont have peace in thinking that everyone will come back in a different person or energy . Whats the whole point in believing in any thing? I think its almost selfish to not yearn for for more.I respect that people have the GOD given right to believe what we want to . Its a choice but that is part of it to believe and trust in him. The bible was wrote long before Mr. Hubbard was even existing in this life time. I also think that people who believe in scientology are sweet and kind but closed minded people.They want you to believe them.Mr. Hubbard has your conscience ever bothered you ? Have you ever thought you could be wrong?Who in the HELL are you to make your own religion and be responsible for all those souls ?I pray for these people because Jesus wants me to. I do love them and I dont like to be judgemental. I just honestly worry for their souls. It may feel like heaven to them believing that way but Jesus promised more. Believe Believe please in Jesus. He is just as sweet as yall are but he wants better for us. Be opened minded enough and feel the energy of God. Yall are bein very narrow minded but believe you are so smart and wise to the GAME OF LIFE .


01/09/2009 02:37:11 PM

njbear, do you realize the bible is as fictional as what was created by fictional writer L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology? You state "the bible clearly says..." , but the bible is fiction. I'm a christian catholic, although not fully practicing any religion. I feel most of them are full of it. Better to be a spiritual person, than one following any organized group religion. If anything at all the teachings of Buddism make the most sense and better the world and it's people as a whole.


01/09/2009 07:49:56 AM

i know that jesus is the only way for salvation,this scientolgy is a cult and i feel so sorry for those who believe that crap,the bible clearly says unless a man is born again he cant enter the kingdom of heaven,this means you have to accept jesus as your personal savior and live for him,he is the healer,the way the truth the life.i really like tom cruise and john travolta and i hope some one reaches them and they see the light before it is to late,i think it would be great if i saw tom and john in heaven but as it stands now i wont,people should give jesus a try ,HE WONT LET YOU DOWN.the blessings of just knowing him is AWSOME.TOM I HOPE YOU FIND THE TRUTH BEFORE IT IS TO LATE.


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