The following Beliefnet columnists write on many issues, including Christianity. Click a name below to view recent and past columns.

Gary Bauer
Christianity, Politics

Deborah Belonick
Orthodox Christianity, Feminism

Tom Bethell

Marcus Borg
Christianity, the Bible

Father John Breck
Orthodox Christianity, Ethics

Orson Scott Card

Joan Chittister, O.S.B.

Andrew Greeley

Linda Hoffman Kimball

David & Heather Kopp
Christian Parenting

Richard Land
Protestant Christianity, Ethics

Thomas Lynch
Christianity, Death

Frederica Mathewes-Green
Eastern Orthodoxy, Ethics, and Pop Culture

Ralph McInerny

Richard Mouw
Protestant and Evangelical Issues

Jim Naughton
Religion, Christianity

Jan Shipps
Mormon Issues

John Shelby Spong
Christianity, Social Issues

Fr. Ted Stylianopoulos
Eastern Orthodoxy

Armstrong Williams
Christianity, Morality

Ben Witherington III
Christianity, the Bible

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