The core of Christianity lies the life of Christ—a life spent helping the poor, walking through the muck, and suffering with the lowly. It was a life spent outside the locked doors of the church. It was a life that changed all lives—not only those of the religious.

Christianity has such potential for good—the Catholic Church is the largest charitable organization in the world, for example. But, as a whole, Christianity has been bogged down by bureaucracy, by man-made tradition, by prejudice and anger—all things Christ fought against.

Head’s triumph may be one of many signs that the country is about to undergo a spiritual transformation as Americans seek a kind of unity and joy that the normal world simply cannot give them.

Perhaps Blake Shelton was right. Perhaps America has not, in fact, lost its faith. Perhaps the growing numbers of the young who are leaving their church membership behind aren’t indicative of the collapse of Christianity, but of its rebirth as something closer to its origins—a celebration of love, kindness, and charity, and a worship of a God who embodies these traits in perfection.

And it's likely that we're about to see a lot more of that in the music industry as record labels catch on.

Head is now the recipient of 100,000 dollars and a record deal with Universal Music Group at age 38, and likely has an impressive career ahead. He is expected to begin working on his first professional music album, which we may have a taste of as early as January 2017.

Whether Head will continue on with his own brand of refreshing Christian song is unknown, but if he does, it will likely keep him atop the wave of spiritual joy and hope that may be cresting across the nation in 2017.