The other day I was trying to figure out what “Stairway to Heaven” is about.

Yeah, I mean that’s a quintessential example, I mean Robert Plant, what is he singing about in all of Led Zeppelin? Wizards? But I mean, you know every word and to internalize that, it’s crazy.

You guys are known for reference your Jewishness in really funny ways. Where does that come from?

I think it’s a pretty typical Jewish thing to do (laughs), to be self-depricating and to sort of call yourself out on certain things. You know we did all come from these reformed Jewish families and we did all have Bar Mitzvahs and we went to a school that had a large Jewish population, and you know, live in New York City where there’s a lot of Jews (laughs). I’m still culturally Jewish in a lot of ways. I don’t go to temple anymore but there’s just certain parts of our personality [that are Jewish]. And even my kids, even though my wife isn’t Jewish they’ll probably have these stereotypically Jewish traits.

And that part of it is good, I think that even though my kids come from a Catholic mother and Jewish dad, we’ve talked a lot about it and I’d love for my kids to go to temple and I’d like for them to go to church. I think that’s a part of their history to say “well this is a part of your father’s history, for thousands of years they practiced these rituals and they said these words.” I don’t think that I would necessarily raise them in terms of “this is what you need to believe or you’re going to go to hell” but in terms of what it means on a tradition level. It’s pretty important.

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