Can you tell me about your song "Call Me Adolf"? It obviously has a controversial title.
It's about opportunism in wartime. It could be anything from "It's good to be in the tank making business", to "Hey soldier, do you want a Coca Cola?" It's war and we're doing what we have to do and we're just doing it because that's what everybody is doing. It's "I don't like war but I'm just supplying the wood for the handles of the guns--just trying to feed my family."

Is that a response to what's going on now in the world?
It's been going on forever. There's a way to profit off of it. And somebody might be at the spectrum of really wanting to profit off of it in a major way and somebody might be the little Vietnamese girl who's selling the Coca Cola to the soldier.

Who are you going to vote for?
I'm voting for George Bush. I think we're in a time period where the judiciary branch seems to have an unprecedented amount of power in this country to change lives. I think that's where George Bush's reelection is going to play the strongest role--who we're electing to the Supreme Court for life.

Do you have any advice for these younger bands that are out there, getting themselves into trouble?
Well they've got to limit themselves. There are causes and effects and consequences to their own actions and you could get to the point where what you're doing might make you very well known, but so is John Hinckley, the guy who tried to assassinate Reagan. How famous do you need to be? Do you need to ruin your life and other people's lives to do it?