Lucas, however, also diverged from the Hero’s Journey in a few important ways. Campbell’s Journey focuses solely on the hero—everything in the story exists merely as a tool for the growth of the protagonist. Star Wars, however, embraces something that Campbell, perhaps, missed—the essential interconnectivity that is innate to humanity. The struggles of secondary characters are just as real and important as Luke’s, and it is only through the importance of reciprocal social relationships that Luke is able to succeed. Lucas knew that, to survive, we all need one another, and that idea came forth in his own interpretation of the Hero’s Journey.

The mythological stories thatinspired both Campbell and Lucas may be fiction, but they tell important truths about our lives. They, including modern myths like Star Wars bring into focus our human problems, but through a completely new lens, allowing us to reflect on moral issues in ways we might never have considered. These common issues that run throughout all of humanity’s tales speak of our essential needs, wants, ambitions, and dreams, and by taking a closer look at them, we can learn much of ourselves.