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"Amazing Grace", opening in theaters Feb. 23, tells the story of William Wilberforce, who--inspired by a former slave trader who wrote the hymn "Amazing Grace"--led the successful effort to abolish slavery in the British empire 200 years ago.


"Amazing Grace" is one of the most beloved devotional songs. Listen to versions by major recording artists of today, including Alabama and Sufjan Stevens--and by Beliefnet community members.


Did you know that an estimated 27 million people live as slaves around the world today? The movie's producers have launched the "Amazing Change" campaign to help free them.


Who was William Wilberforce? One of the youngest members of Britain's Parliament, a passionate Christian, and crusader against slavery. Learn more about this remarkable man.

Your 'Amazing Grace' Moment

Was there one moment when you realized you needed to make a change in your life? A sudden instance when you committed yourself to God or decided to stop smoking or dedicated yourself to a cause you feel passionately about?