2002: Word spreads that Mel Gibson is planning to produce a movie based on the last hours of Jesus' life.old cath msg bd 02 Cath bd 155 posts started June 03 board discussing him and the movieJanuary worldnet article McC --TreimanShapiroooh, Christian Coalition commends Gibson and movie there are definitely Catholic boards, including'Reilly Factor:,2933,75617,00.htmlWorldnet June sue on the Family Praises Gibson's FilmSunday, June 29, 2003, July 1, 2003Rabbi, Pastor Spar Over Gibson's 'Passion' apologize over Passion DC screening Gibson's Passion - Wednesday, July 30, 2003 5:49 PMMel Gibson's film, The Passion, which is about the last twelve hours of Christ's life is the object of campaign villification and book burning by a committee of Christians and Jews who want to shut it down before it is shown, or edit it to their own politically (or religiously) correct standards. Paul Frederickson is a spokesman for this committee. The New Republic has shamed itself by printing her ill-informed and bigoted attack on the film.evangelicals IsraelDeal HudsonPassion movei fan site--trailers, more Killed Jesus?
We can't place accountability on any specific group.
By John Dominic Crossan

Are the Passion and Easter Stories Really Anti-Semitic?
They reflect intra-Jewish debate, not first-century anti-Semitism.
By Ben Witherington III

Mommy, Did the Jews Kill Jesus?

Eastertime Reconciliation
By Martin Marty

Discuss Mel Gibson and the Passion Jews React to Gibson's Film
Jewish groups worry the film will revive anti-Semitic view of Jews.

Discuss the film on the Judaism boards. for the Evaluation of Dramatizations of the Passion Bishops' Committeeany presentations that explicitly or implicitly seek to shift responsibility from human sin onto this or that historical group, such as the Jews, can only be said to obscure a core gospel truthADL on Passion Plays August 4 NY Sun
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