How did GSN land Foxworthy?

“He is our dream host,” says Schiff. “We weren’t sure we could get him because he’s a very busy guy obviously. But to find somebody who is so endearing and appealing to the public. He’s hilarious and talented, but he is also somebody whose faith is so authentic. He lives his faith. When he talks about his faith and its role in his life, it comes though as being so real. So combine that with his great sense of humor and how warm he is with the contestants, he is absolutely perfect.”

Is the Game Show Network stepping out on a limb with this? Isn’t a game show based on the Bible risky?

“I actually don’t believe that it is,” says Schiff. “This is a show where everybody is invited to watch, everybody is invited to join in. The Bible’s significance as a significant part of world culture no matter what your belief system is. The beauty of the Bible is that it weaves in history and geography and mythology and art and music and language. There’s so much here in this tapestry that I think the people who have never gone to a Sunday school or who haven’t been – in my case, in many years – will find the show very educational, very interesting, very provocative and very inclusive.

“We don’t want to exclude anybody and we have not.

“The purpose of this show is to entertain, not convert anybody. We invite everybody to come in and celebrate this piece of cultural history and enjoy the fun of fascinating, enthusiastic contestants whose hearts are obviously in the right place – and who you’re going find yourself cheering for – praying they’ll win the big money for a great cause that is so important to them.”

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