The positive side has been that I know that there were Christians along the way influenced by what I did. Some even inspired to do evangelism, some to become missionaries, to boldly share their faith and to do something wonderful with their lives. In terms with the celebrities, it’s regrettable that I can’t really say that somebody became saved at the moment when I came up to them. I did meet one star that asked me to keep his name confidential. But he worked on a few of the “Fast and the Furious” films. He had a struggling Christian background. When I approached him on a television show, I talked to him about his faith. He told me he had questions. I met up with him later at his restaurant in LA. He said I answered a lot of questions for him. He called me six months later saying how everything was going good in his life and how I helped influenced him with other people God had in his life. He actually started to attend church again. So that was an amazing thing.

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