peginlex: When you went "back in time" were you able to re-integrate with your past lives?

author_shirley_maclaine: Well, that's the whole point of the book. And what I learned from the Atlantean time period and the Lemurian time period was how far off the spiritual course we are today. And I think the spiritual movement is helping to redirect the course that is our legacy.

ojorose: Do you think that having a good sense of humor is vital to the process of becoming enlightened?

author_shirley_maclaine: I certainly do! And I think that if you spend any time with the Dalai Lama, who I consider enlightened, you will find that he laughs for no reason, quite often. Perhaps our taking things so seriously is a cosmic joke!

indiocharrua2000: would you consider hosting a metaphysical talk show on TV, you would be the perfect host.

author_shirley_maclaine: I've thought of that! But I think it needs to reach across the mainstream a little bit more. Because so much is based on ratings and if you do it too soon, you get cancelled.

gogobuey: What do you do that you shouldn't

author_shirley_maclaine: Eat too many sweets!

noahveil: The population is increasing rapidly. Where are all these new souls coming from?

author_shirley_maclaine: I think from this planet, and others in the cosmos, unless we are very careful with our balance of nature and balance of the male-female in ourselves. I think souls are coming from all over the cosmos to help us. You don't have to have been born here to be attracted to help.

danvanni: But what about those who suffer a lot, do they get help from their guides

author_shirley_maclaine: The suffering question always bothers me, more than any other. Each individual's experience with suffering is probably based on the suffering that individual caused others previously. But it is the Law of One that is paramount. The Law of One states, "All energy put out returns to its source."

jedi_ghost_grrl: Does the title of the book, literally "the walkway" in Italian, have anything to do with a person's journey through life?

author_shirley_maclaine: Of course, that's what we're on! Life itself, many many lifetimes, one after the other, is the journey. Sometimes you take the journey in the physical, sometimes you don't. That's probably the significance of a pilgrimage, in earth plane terms. Because we are, after all, on a pilgrimage through life, and through lives.

ojorose: Do you think that the mango still stimulates the correct patterns for the projection of telepathy as it did when you experienced it in Lemuria?

author_shirley_maclaine: I do. And besides, it's very delicious!

pwodonnell: Do you only learn spiritual lessons, or --pardon if this sounds silly-- do you bring practical knowledge from past lives, like say how to cook?

author_shirley_maclaine: Definitely, I think so. I don't think cooking is a practical knowledge, I think it's a very spiritual knowledge! Ask any woman who is feeding her family. I think the soul remembers everything it has experienced. It's just that we have to learn to access it.

trevlac99: do you believe in god?

author_shirley_maclaine: Absolutely. I think it is the creative powerful great spirit source of everything. It resides in everyone, I think it is genderless. And I think it even resides in those who are so-called "evil." Because evil itself can be defined as living without that knowledge. "Live" spelled backward is "evil". But then... "dog" spelled backwards is "God".

kyatako: Speaking of dog ...what is your dogs name? :)

author_shirley_maclaine: Terry. She just woke up at the sound of her name! Terry as in Mother Teresa. Terry as in extra-terrestrial. And Terry as in... little terror!

gogobuey: Shirley, I tuned in because I'm a huge fan of you film work (I don't read as much as I should) could you fill a layman in on your spiritual beliefs?

author_shirley_maclaine: If you're really interested in my journey, start with "Out on a Limb" then read "Dancing in the Light" then "Going Within" then "The Camino".

ojorose: What book or novel are you reading now?

author_shirley_maclaine: I just finished "Original Story" by Arthur Laurents, the great director and screenwriter, and I'm going to read a new book on Edgar Cayce.

anaeccles: i just returned from a weekend in a zen does an average american citizen successfully integrate zen into daily life?

author_shirley_maclaine: It's not easy! I think perhaps you should consider what's more important... the average American life you're leading, or what you're getting from Zen. And then balance the two.

lanskin: What about a chat or info page for people interested in doing The Camino?

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