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What to say to your Jewish Friends on the Holidays

Truths You Can Use While speaking at a church recently, I received an urgent question: “Is it okay for me to wish my Jewish friends ‘A Happy New Year’ on Rosh...

When your glass is looking empty-ish

Sassy Spirit I'm a glass a half full girl. But even positive people can fall into slumps or need to remind themselves of what they know. I'm currently taking...

Emaciation, intervention, aggression: Syria

Lordre Au bout d'un ou deux siècles d'exploitation se produit une véritable émaciation du panaroma culturel With one or two centuries of exploitation...

Why You Shouldn't Compare Me To Another Depressed Person

Depression Help   I have a friend, let’s call him D.J., and his wife suffers from depression. D.J. also has marital problems. So when he complains about his...


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