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The Dr. Seuss Mantra I Embrace Through Tough Times

How Great Thou Part There is a simplicity in childhood. The lessons we learn. The rate at which we are able to learn them. How we are able to adapt so...

Watered Down, Weak Tea, Tepid Beer, Corked Wine...

Commonsense Christianity "'What should we do then?' the crowd asked." Luke 3:10 If you're a Christian, and you've got a question about the Bible, your place in the world,...

Wall of Prayers

through the lens of faith This photo is a wall of prayers that sits in front of the House of Mary in Ephesus, Turkey. I visited this site a few years ago. Hundreds and...

The Miracle of Forgiveness

Awaken Your Truth Forgiveness is one of the most powerful ways to release all that is holding us back from being present to who we really are. It is also the one...


Miracles New fairytale Future of Islam Simple Words to Live By
The glorious skies, the soft grass, and the cool breeze that grazes your skin are all treasures that we should soak in each day. These happenings are nothing short from miracles. read more »
Anyone going through a divorce needs to focus on what’s ahead of them, and that needs to be a goal. Regardless of the reason for this new journey—you can embrace it and find love again. read more »
There will always be people who don't understand, who are fueled by hatred, racism and bigotry. The future of Islam depends on Muslims deciding whether we will be fueled by examples... read more »
When things get a little crazy, it’s nice to be able to step back and take small steps to make things simpler.Here are 10 simple words to live by to help you get through the toughest... read more »