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A Prayer to Stop Judging

Prayer Plain and Simple "Even if I have sinned, that is my concern, not yours. You think you're better than I am..." ~ Job (Job 19:4,5) “Do not judge others, and you will...

Cinnamon Cure

Health on Lifes Journey Cinnamon is actually the bark of the cinnamon tree. The bark curls into quills when it is peeled off the tree. With methylhydroxy chalcone polymer...

Secret Two of a Happy Marriage: Meet Each Other's Needs

Everyday Inspiration A note from Alex: Welcome to the second post in a new five-part series, The Five Secrets of a Happy Marriage. The following five secrets have...

Reading and releasing psychic cords

Dream Gates The essential things to know about life are usually simple - but can be sticky. One thing we need to know, to maintain our health and sanity, and...


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