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How Human Givens Treats Depression

Depression Help by Andrew Richardson Understand why you dream - what Human Givens teaches Tonight you will dream. What is going on is that your brain will act out...

A Prayer to Gain Your Mountain

Prayer Plain and Simple “Now give me this mountain...” (Joshua 14:6-15) Caleb was an 85 year old man when Joshua led Israel into Canaan. (Read his story in Joshua 14:6-15,...

Unfixed memory in the know

Everyday Spirituality A friend brought to my attention the theory of a fixed memory. I hadn’t thought about it before, but I realized I sort of buy into this theory. A...

Five Reasons Men Should Learn Astrology

Oh My Stars Dear Female Readers: Thank you for dropping by. Your readership is always appreciated, but today I want to talk to the men out there. (Pause until...


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