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The Silver Linings of Divorce - How Great Thou Hope

How Great Thou Part It is not long after I start my divorce that things get even more complicated and I am feeling a mixture of fear and hope. I hear a knock at the...

When Mighty Church Leaders Fall, Do They Crush the People Underneath?

Commonsense Christianity In our younger years, my husband the Norwegian Artist and I bicycled through small-town America, and for housing, we often asked a local church if we...

The Real Reason We Yawn!

Dr. Mintle thumb It's late afternoon. You are sitting in a meeting. Three people at the table yawn and you do the same. Are you bored? Tired? Or what? Need more...

FaceBook memes and gratitude

Beginners Heart via google Right now on FB, my youngest sister has tagged the three of us other sisters to do the 'gratitude challenge.' In which for five days,...


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