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Realize the Power to Change

Letting Go Since the nature of real life is genesis itself—the ceaseless rebirth of “what has been” giving way to “what is and will be”—this alone tells you...

Are You Living Your Truth or Someone Else's?

Awaken Your Truth How do you know if your living your own truth? Begin to pay attention to how you feel. If you are feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, tired, exhausted,...

Your God is Dead! Just a Little Pre-Easter Thought

Best Life Now avatar Your GOD is Dead! Your God is Dead YOUR GOD IS DEAD! That's what the bumpersticker declared on the back of the 1970's VW van covered with...

Good dissolves bad

Everyday Spirituality Sometimes, I just feel bad. Bad about myself, or life, or my situation. I can figure out why, for example, it’s because of hormones. But giving it...


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