Sparrowhawk challenged me to evaluate myself, and my experiences, to express myself clearly and to remember that in the end of everything Love matters more than roads. -AmaraS
If I ever switch back to Christianity, it will be due to her influence. You have brightened this place immeasurably. -Ed

I admire Arosophos for his ability to respond respectfully and without rancor and for the care he obviously takes in presenting his views. He has been an admirable advocate of faith. -Grasshopper
For his clear thinking, articulation and ability to almost always stay polite in any situation. -LanceF
Always challenging in a good way. -Ed

Honor inspired the community by starting a Fight the Hatred With Love campaign in response to the presence of white supremacists.
Her love and humor has touched my heart during some very rough times. -AmaraS

Sister Alia
Her passionate yet articulate defense of Islam has taught me more than I ever thought I would learn about a strong and noble faith. -Calico

indrani and ED VIS
For deep commitment and daily inspirational postings, and excellent Hinduism info that bridges the faiths. -zenman1

A courteous and uncompromising atheist, who reads the way a college professor should sound. -Calico

A lady for whom I have the utmost respect. -Honor
I have come to respect her extensive and deep knowledge base, and her forthright honesty. -Calico

Her every post is fascinating. -Ed

The quality which has set Grasshopper apart, in my mind, is his apparent open-minded willingness, even urgent desire, to consider others' beliefs and, to the extent he thinks them true, incorporate them into his own; furthermore, he does this, so far as I can tell, not indiscriminately, but with care. -Arosophos

If you are familiar with him, no explanation is necessary. If you aren’t, none is sufficient. -Ed

These are just a few Beliefnet citizens who have helped to make this a great community site. There are so many more: Albie, Ann123, arjun, bashmore, bcbarrett, brenz7, cherubino, ChickieShortlegs, circlefist, Collectively_Unconscious, cuckoo, dbible, dschellb, earstohear, Ed Vis, gailwardlaw, god_is_in_the_tv, GodisLove, Goodshepherd, Hatman, IgnorantSage, im4m, InterfaithRev, jamjam, JohnPetty, jupiter, Kemmer, kennyminot, khale, kybalionist, Makhris, MuslimPoet, nealybob, Oversoul, pithbgon, promises, qwesamluu, reconcilehope, ReverendMonkey, Revinpitts, river8101, rosebysea, Rowan of Clearwater, slovorage, thom, tylik, weeder, world citizen, Worldly_Christian, zenman, and on and on… each individual is remarkable in his or her own way, and each deserves a full profile. We invite you to visit the Beliefnet discussions and join the conversation with them!

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