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Making major life decisions is hard. We all want to choose a career path that is fulfilling.  We all want to pick the “right” spouse with whom we can live happily ever after.  We all want to raise our children […]

Every so often, we go through periods in life when it seems like we are in the middle of a storm. We feel pressure from all sides.  It seems as though more is being asked of us than we can […]

When we are children, we are trained to ask for permission to do just about everything.  At home, we ask what snack we are allowed to have.  At school, we ask if we can go to the bathroom.  As children, […]

Anyone who has ever taken care of a baby has had the experience of redirecting thoughts. The infant starts crying, and immediately you whip out a brightly colored toy and wave it in front of the baby’s face.  Your hope […]

About ten years ago, my mother taught me how to knit.  She is a very good knitter, and since we are both left-handed, she was able to teach me when no one else could.  After learning how to knit, I […]