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There is nothing wrong with being nice. There is nothing wrong with going the extra mile to do things for others.  But make sure you consider your motivation in doing so.  If your motivation is to ensure that others will […]

Many people get caught up in the idea that they are too important to do certain tasks. But that is a misguided way of thinking.  No one is too important to clean a bathroom, serve others food or pick up […]

“A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls.”  Proverbs 25: 28 While you legally may be an adult at 18, age is not what makes one a true adult. The difference between adults and […]

“The next best thing to being wise oneself is to live in a circle of those who are.” – C.S. Lewis One thing I have noticed about highly successful people is this: They aren’t friends with everyone. They may have […]

Whenever we have a big goal, it is easy to get lost in the “hows” (How will I ever make this happen?) and the “what ifs” (What if my dreams don’t come to pass?). You can get so caught up […]

There is a difference between being excellent in one area of your life and being a person of excellence.  I can be an excellent tuba player.  I can be an excellent inventor.  Neither of those things makes me an excellent […]

No one achieves success overnight. Every successful person first has had to go through challenges.  They have had to learn to wait and to develop the skill of patience. Patience isn’t a quality. It is a skill that we develop […]

Here is a little secret that no one likes to talk about with regard to success. It doesn’t matter whether you went to college.  It doesn’t matter if your parents are rich or poor.  It doesn’t matter if you are […]

“May you be made strong with all the strength that comes from his glorious power, and may you be prepared to endure everything with patience, while joyfully giving thanks to the Father, who has enabled you to share in the […]