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Our self-esteem can take a beating from all kinds of sources.  People can say unkind things under the guise of “teasing.”  Advertisements with airbrushed, photo-shopped models can lead us to believe that the world is comprised of perfect people, and […]

You will find in life that doing what everyone else wants you to do will make you very popular.  People will like you.  Everyone will say nice things about you.  Your family will hold you up as a role model.  […]

Many years ago, a friend of mine was getting divorced.  She didn’t want her marriage to end and was distraught that she couldn’t save it.  During that time, her priest offered her the following words of advice: “Try to think […]

Sometimes when trying to accomplish big goals, we are stopped in our tracks by the question, “Why me?”  Underlying that question is a whole host of mistaken beliefs that we can have about ourselves: Why me, when I’m not smart […]