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This pink princess shows off her memorization skills by reciting ‘The Lord is my shepherd….’  

Most little girls grew up reading Beverly Cleary’s books, especially her Ramona series, about a mischievous girl named Ramona and her older sister Beezus.  Even though the books were written during the 1950s and 1970s, the topics of sisterhood, family, friendship, […]

The fourth and final baby we’re introducing from “Babies” the movie is: Hattie from San Francisco, California. Here is a brief bio of Hattie from the “Babies” movie website: Hattie lives in San Francisco, born to very ecological, “green” parents. […]

The third baby we’re introducing from “Babies” the movie is Bayarjargal (Bayar) from Bayanchandmani, Mongolia.  Here is a short bio from the “Babies” movie website: Born in Mongolia, Bayarjargal, usually called “Bayar” for short, lives with his mother, father, and […]

The second baby we’re introducing today from “Babies” the movie is Mari from Tokyo, Japan.  Here is a brief bio of Mari from the “Babies” movie website: Mari lives with her mother and father in Shibuya, a busy metropolitan area […]

Last week we blogged about a new movie, being released this Friday, May 7, called “Babies.”  The first of four babies we’ll be introducing at 12 pm from Monday through Thursday of this week is: Ponijao from Opuwo, Namibia.  Here is a brief bio of Ponijiao from […]

The “Babies” are coming! “Babies” the movie is an utterly adorable and incredibly interesting documentary that follows four different babies as they grow up at the same time in different parts of the world.  There is Ponijao who lives in Africa, Mari who lives […]