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Sometimes, we can get stuck in the past without even realizing it. With respect to money, being stuck in
the past can prevent you from being able to experience your
life in the moment and the gifts and potential that are available right here and now.

In every economic climate there are
challenges and opportunities. If you only see yourself in
relationship to your past, and as the sum total of your mistakes and missteps, you may
miss out on real opportunities to improve your life today.

Your are not your past. You are not even the same person you were yesterday. A large part of our work as human beings is to surrender the past…just let it go. Then, with both arms open we are free to embrace the “present” which is the gift that awaits us if we allow it  each moment of everyday.

We are not free to fully receive this gift until we are willing to let go of the past.

Try this exercise: Imagine yourself to
be a completely new person right now. You have stepped into the shoes
of your new self, with all of the resources and opportunities you need inside of you.

Free from the burdens of past concepts and self-images,
what possibilities could you imagine for yourself? What would you
choose to do if you were renewed in this moment?

Dear God,

You renew the world and all of your
creation in every moment

Breathing life into all of us in each
instant of time;

Help me to know that with every breath
I am a new person

That I am reborn with the freedom to
make a new choice,

A new beginning,

A new decision,


And so it is.


Peace and Blessings!

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