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I receive many cries for help from people who are in despair over their financial circumstances, but this one today really moved me. The person did not leave there name, so I’m hoping she will read this as I would like to offer her some help and support. Here’s what she wrote: 

I don’t really know where to begin. I consider myself very private, I
don’t know how to ask for help,from God or others. I am crying out for
help to manage my finances and get on track. I have never been on track
my entire adult life and with 3 children it is evident that I am in
desperate need of assistance. I believe my lack of control over my
finances have been a great burden on my husband and really hinders what
we are able to give our children. My credit has always been bad. We
were able to purchase a home, and we lost our home less than a year
ago, because we didn’t understand the terms of financing, adjustable
rates, that adjusted irregularly and as often as every 3 months after
two years. the loss was devastating and our family life has not been the
same. I am asking for help. I need the assistance of believers and the
advise of experts…” (read more…)

First of all, I want you to congratulate you for acknowledging that you have a problem. That’s the first step in the healing process. The second step to solving a problem is asking for help — which you did —- and I honor and respect you so much for that  that I’m going to gift you a month of coaching or a workshop (your choice.)  For now here’s a few things I want you to know about your money issues that may be helpful to all of our readers:

1. Your life-long struggles with money and personal finances are most likely the result of “hard-wired” patterns that you learned in childhood, directly or indirectly from your parents. These patterns are usually passed down from one generation to the next, which is why poverty remains the largest and most difficult “condition” in the world to overcome.

2. You were most likely not taught about how to manage money or your personal finances in your home or at school, which left you (and most of the world’s population) unprepared to make wise financial choices. It is very difficult for people to fully experience their personal and financial potential without this financial education as a foundation beneath them.

3. You may suffer from low financial self-esteem, which can lead to feelings of guilt and shame that can cause you to unconsciously self-sabotage. This can happen when we feel we’ve behaved “badly” and no longer believe we deserve good things to happen.

4. These negative feelings and beliefs form patterns in our brains, causing us to essentially “short- circuit” and become ineffective at managing our finances or making good decisions.

5. These patterns can be identified and through new awareness, actions and support, you can begin to change these patterns and behaviors by learning new healthy ones over time.

Everyone (including you!) deserves help and a chance to make the changes necessary to create the life you truly want and deserve. Once
you make a commitment to change and ask for God’s help and support you
will have traveled a great distance. Next, you need to get help from other professionals who can literally guide you to a new way of being

We do not need to suffer needlessly our entire lives. All we really need to do is acknowledge we have a problem that we currently lack the skills and tools to overcome on our own and then reach out, until we find the help and support we need. Asking for help is
always a sign of strength and courage, never weakness.

Ask and you shall receive.  

Peace & Blessings!

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