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As Organizing for America‘s Big Blue Bus trekked around the country this week following the kick-off of an 11-city tour, rallies in support of Health Care reform began organizing all across the country. In the Bay area, where I live, thousands of people joined Speaker Nancy Pelosi,, and Health Care for America in a public rally held at the San Francisco Civic Center. A committed Pelosi vowed, “We can’t
pass a bill without a public option.”

In yet another rally in Los Angeles, things got a bit rough when the political back-biting moved to finger biting. Apparently it’s now hazardous to your health to be pro-reform! One anti-reform protester became so enraged at a pro-reform opponent that he actually bit his pro-reform finger off!

The finger biter fled the scene. Fortunately, the lost finger was found and returned to it’s rightful owner.

Let’s pray the victim had insurance or can afford to get it sewn back on.

Stops on the tour have included Phoenix, Albuquerque, Denver,
Des Moines, and St. Louis with  Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Columbus, Ohio, Pittsburgh, Charlotte
and Raleigh, N.C. still to come.

If you’re planning to attend, you might want to keep your hands in your pockets.

You can also show your support for Health Care Reform on the Organizing for America website.

Peace and Blessings!

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