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I find it sad that Michael Jackson, the king of pop, died this week and most of the news surrounding his death is about his financial life…how much his estate dropped in value, speculation of his net worth, how much debt he had accumulated and who will get what.

It’s tragic that this remarkably talented man, who contributed greatly to the world of music and dance, died at such a young age. And all people have to talk about is his net worth? This is oddly ironic.

If anything, Michael Jackson serves as a powerful reminder to us all of how little money matters in the end. For even with all of Michael’s success and money, it could not buy him what he seemed to have wanted and needed most: love and happiness.

Michael Jackson serves as a reminder to us all of what money cannot buy:
Money cannot heal a broken childhood.
Money cannot protect you or make you feel safe.
Money cannot make you feel good about yourself.
Money cannot make you feel whole and beautiful.
Money cannot give you a sense of self or self-acceptance.
Money cannot heal the pain you hold or the loneliness you feel.

I think it would be great if we all took a moment to reflect on and honor just how much
joy, beauty and music Michael Jackson brought into our lives…in spite of the pain he held.

God bless him and may he now rest in far greater place of peace.

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