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As financial pressures continue to mount many marriages are being
strained and tested to their limit. Often, couples just don’t know where to turn for help and guidance. Since our relationships are so valuable and important, it’s critical that we reach out and get the support we need.

So, if you’re experiencing marital problems due to financial hardship,
here’s a few tips that I recommend you take to
help your marriage through challenging financial times:

1. Forgive yourself and your spouse for your financial circumstances.
What’s done is done, forgive and release it. You cannot rebuild your
lives and the future if you are living in the past.

2. If you’re heavily in debt and need help, contact the American
Consumer Credit Counseling
, a non-profit organization that can help you
get back on track.

3. Contact the National Foundation for Credit Counseling and locate a certified credit counselor to in
your area to help you. Remember, It’s important to work with people who are properly trained
and certified.

4. Money issues are often a symptom of other money patterns and other
behaviors. If you can afford professional help, find a Marriage & Family
Therapist or Money Coach, in your area. Investing in the help you both
need and deserve is worth the expense and quite frankly, much less
costly, financially and emotionally, than divorce.

Many of our readers have requested prayers of support to help their marriages
during this time. One of our readers wrote this:
I ask for your prayers for my marriage of 24 years which
is in deep trouble, mainly due to financial hardship
.” (read more…)

Here’s a prayer for all those couples who need help:

Dear God,

Please help me and my beloved to move past

our personal and financial challenges.

Show us the way to forgiveness,

help us to release the past

and awaken to the gift of today which brings

new hope and opportunity to begin again.

Help us to recover from our financial struggles,

to become free from debt and learn
from our past experiences.

Please strengthen our faith in you and our relationship,

heal our wounds and return us to the heart of our love.
We surrender this you and know that it is done.
And so it is.

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