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In this difficult time of financial crisis, it is so very important
that we reach out to community for prayer, guidance and support. This
is no time to isolate. We greatly need each other’s   love,
compassion and support, perhaps more than we ever imagined. I know
that many of our readers are feeling pain and grief over the loss of
their home, job, and for some, shame about their unpaid bills, debts
and financial circumstances. But I want each of you to know that you
deserve help and support, kindness and community, regardless of your
circumstances or how you got there.

There are many resources that are available to you that I’d like to
share with you and encourage you to explore and join. The Beliefnet
community is a vast resource that has much to offer you including
prayer circles, meditation groups, forums, message boards and help in
many forms that can assist you during this challenging time.

On Beliefnet’s Prayer Circle, one woman recently asked for prayers for her family and unborn child:
Both myself and my spouse lost our jobs and we have a new baby on the
way and currently have no home and neither of us can find jobs. (Read more…)

My answer to the Kelly-Sierra family is below. I hope serves as a guide
to all of you out there who are in financial crisis and need of help
and support.

Dear Kelly-Sierra Family,
You do not need to go this alone. Help is available to you and I
strongly encourage you to reach out and become part of a community for
on-going support. This burden is too big to carry on your own. Here are
some steps I would recommend that you take to help during this time.
God Bless and may your troubles soon be overcome.

1.    Find or Start a prayer circle

2.    Here is a Directory of Prayer Circles that you could join for
support today.

3.    Here’s a Community Forum that includes some beautiful prayers and support. Join the
      dialogue about money and the economy and share your troubles with
others who know and understand your pain.

4.    Beliefnet has many Faith Communities & Tools that might
provide comfort and assistance to you and your family:

5.    Here’s a Financial Prayer from Mother of God of Piat – (known for Miraculous Intercessions of financial problems)

O Holy Mother of God I come to you on bended knees today. Please,
Mother Mary help me and my family out from the deep financial burden we
are in. I have full trust that you and you alone can fully understand
what me and my family are in because once upon a time you too,
experienced severe financial burdens. Hanging over our heads right now,
Mother Mary are financial obligations which need immediate solution
(mention very clearly the financial problem.) On our level we have done
everything we can to help ourselves. We have exhausted all human
possibilities to remedy our financial problems but all our effort have
been in vain. At this stage, Mother Mary only your motherly miraculous
intervention will get us out of this financial burden. Please Mother
Mary, help us. We desperately need your miraculous intervention in our
deep need. We don’t know how you will do it, Mother Mary, but we are
full of trust and confidence that in your loving maternal care,
compassion and understanding you fully comprehend our plight and will
do something to help us out. Please Mother Mary make us experience your
most miraculous intervention. (Once more mention your financial

We can overcome this financial crisis together through community, faith & God. And we will!

Peace and Blessings!

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