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Lately, I’ve been working with many clients who’ve recently lost their
jobs who are worried about finances and their future job prospects.

Being unemployed can be very scary and challenging, personally and
financially. It’s a time that requires a great deal of faith and
fortitude. Here’s a list of tips that I recommend for all of our readers
who have experienced a job loss.

  1. Avoid negativity – Take a break from negative news and media. Even
    though the job market is tight, many companies are still hiring.
  2. Reconnect with family, friends and former business associates, they may
    know of possible opportunities.
  3. Re-visit your skills, talents and abilities. Perhaps you have skills
    you’ve forgotten or that can be applied in a different way or field than
    you thought possible.
  4. Pay attention to how you are spending your time–it’s your most valuable
    asset! Be proactive in your job search everyday.
  5. Get support if you need it – you don’t have to go it alone!
  6. Create consistent self-care habits that will help you to stay healthy
    and positive. Eat well, exercise, take walks, pray, meditate, get plenty
    of sleep and avoid excess caffeine and alcohol.
  7. Stay connected to others, be in community. Connect with others on
    who are also going through tough times and can offer you
  8. Keep your eyes and ears open – opportunities can present themselves in
    unexpected ways and places.
  9. Don’t isolate yourself – get out of the house everyday and explore the
    job options in your own community.
  10. Pray for God’s guidance and support to help you find your perfect job.
  11. Visit our Beliefnet gallery of Prayers for Jobs and Money

Here’s a prayer for Employment:

Heavenly father, please sustain my spirit as I search for new and meaningful work. You have blessed me with a healthy body and a keen mind for which I am grateful. I ask that you open my path as I seek employment that will allow me to support my family and myself while serving others and your divine purpose. In gratitude and grace, Amen.
– Rev. Victor Fuhrman

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