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I am waiting to hear about the woman who had an affair with Tiger Woods and who is trying to keep that information to herself….

In response to my squawking about all the time I spend on busywork, the son-in-law of the late Thomas E. Powers, author of Invitation to a Great Experiment, sent me Mr. Powers’ daily schedule during the time he was writing the book.

I had cause today to pull quotations from several of my books and thought I’d share a sampling with you.

As I ponder the complexities — the bravery of fighting versus the bravery of pacifism, the necessity of fighting versus the necessity of, some day, turning swords into plowshares — I feel moved to share this story from my past….

Write down on paper what is working in your life today and what has worked in the past that may work again.

Willingness is a powerful quality because it’s the bridge between self-will and the flow of life.

Life is supposed to be Disneyland…Get out and explore your very own part of the world.

It is easier to forgive yourself for a momentary lapse than for awful, ancient sins of omission or commission….They’re wretched and these replays make you feel like hell.

Today, bring to mind those who have been your teachers, who gave you something that your cherish today.

As you embark on the second half of your 30-days-to-a-charmed-life adventure, this is a good time to go back to what you wanted to work on in the first place.