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Tomorrow will be my last blog on Thanks for a wonderful year. My little holiday gift to you is a free teleseminar on getting organized. Listen live tonight (Monday) or later from the archives.

As Victoria Moran retires from daily blogging on, she offers a retrospective of her ten favorite posts from the past year.

A writing quotation, a writing day

No real blog today since Victoria is working on her book proposal. A nice writing quote from Toni Morrison, though.

As we approach December, I’m looking to write a book proposal and, probably give up daily blogging.

On this Thanksgiving eve, whether you’re seeing change in your job or your bank account, in the shifting of relationships or in time’s going faster than it used to, you can probably agree that it takes some grit to do this life-on-earth thing.

Our family classic vegan Thanksgiving menu

If your life, your work, your growth, and your future matter, you have to be willing to invest in them — your time, your effort, and yes, even your money. What can you do today to invest in yourself?

Today’s assignment is to do what’s in front of your face, the proverbial “next indicated thing.”

Life coach and Creating a Charmed Life author Victoria Moran embarks on a 30-day experiment in super-charmed living and brings readers of her blog along.