Your Best Life Now

Your Best Life Now

Destinations! Or, Today?

posted by smcswain

It was Mark Nepo who observed, “Birds learn how to fly, never knowing where flight will take them.”

I have spent the greater part of my life worrying about my destination…where the flight of my life was taking me…instead of giving my attention to this day…and how to fly.

Does it ever seem to you that we’ve missed something important in our western culture? That we seem driven more and more by our imaginary destinations instead of the daily gift of living…of learning to fly.

What did we learn, for example, about the economic crash in the fall of ’08? That there are sometimes more important things than just the bottom line? The dividends earned by shareholders? The profit margins? The “more” we’ve earned this year than we earned last year?

I sometimes wonder if we learned anything at all. Wall Street seems just as intoxicated today, as it was before the crash, by its record high trading volumes.

So, what about you?

More interested in where you’re going than in how you’ll arrive?  Focused more on the destination than on today?

When I think back on my life as a parent, I can see now that I was always reminding my children that what was important in life was their grades…graduations…goals…getting ahead…knowing clearly what they were going to do and then doing it. Being better than everyone else, without of course an attitude about it. That what was important in life is that they learn to win. And, win big!

But, somewhere, I I forgot to teach them that there’s something more important than the destination…that the end isn’t more important than the means…that getting there won’t matter if, after arriving, you can’t stand the person you’ve become in the doing so…that where you’re going is really far less important than how you’re going.

I try not to be too hard on myself. The fact is, I’ve lived long enough with guilt over the blunders I’ve made of things like parenting. After all, I suppose I just did the best I could, given the fact I had not really learned to fly myself. And, hardly conscious of my awkward attempts at flying. At the time, anyway.

No, I, like maybe you, too, was just too busy with where I was going in life instead of how I was going to get there. Too busy worrying about where the next paycheck was coming from, instead of how I was spending the one I had. I was all about the destination, you see, instead of how to live daily…all about where I was going, instead of how I was going.

Religion can become equally misguided.

I think it has.

It can become too concerned with a destination (called “eternity”) instead of the daily living of life. Too obsessed with “heaven” tomorrow, which is probably why the Church often makes a “hell” of today.

I do not wish to be too hard on the Church either. After all, the Church is just people and they’re doing the best they can, with the degree of consciousness they have, too. But, I sometimes think our greatest error has been to make Jesus into a Savior whose primary concern is your eternal destination, instead of Savior whose primary interest is in how you live today.

Which probably explains why the Church largely overlooks what Jesus actually taught about life and living. When I look, for example, at what Jesus taught, it seems to me he was far more interested in helping you know how to fly…how to live…than he was in where that flight would take you.

Why? Because Jesus knew, if you ever learned how to fly…how to live…your destination would take care of itself.  Which is why he said, “Look at the birds of the air, my friends.” (Matt. 6:25-34). “They do not plant seeds. Nor do they gather grain into barns.” Jesus saw the wisdom His Father had written into the genetic code of creation itself.

I’ve spent my life gathering grains called investments and IRA’s and such. I missed just walking through the grain fields of life…observing their beauty as they sway to the wind.

Have you?

Or, do you spend most of you time…your life…as I did for much of mine…thinking only about your destinations…the end results..the bottom line…the promotions…your recognitions…your achievements…your retirement…winning at any and all costs?

And so, without thinking, you, too spin wheels of worry, anxiety, fretting over whether you, or your children, are ready…what others will think…what their teacher will think of them…what you’re accomplishing…what kind of grades they’re getting…whether you’re going to make it…if they will make it?

Want to stop the madness? Then, pause right now and see the madness for what it is.

In fact, hit the “Pause” button every time you think of today’s post. Ask yourself, as you do, “Am I blinded by the destination, I do not see today?”

Let go of tomorrow, my friend. Spread you wings today instead. Let the Winds of Life carry you to their intended destination. Give your attention to just flying.

Just flying.

That is…

Your Best Life NOW!




What Is the Breath of Life?

posted by smcswain

In the Song of Creation, otherwise known as the Book of Genesis, the writer says of the first two mythical representatives of the human race, “And God breathed into their nostrils the breath of life and humans became living souls” (Gen. 2:7)

What is the “breath of life?”

Is it not the life energy, the essence of all living things? Is it not God Herself?

You say, “But it cannot be?”

Why not?

What if it is? Consider this:

What would your life be like if, at every breath you took, you did so with an awareness that in the mystery that is this creation…which IS the mystery of your life and mine…what if you were actually inhaling and exhaling the very Life of God?

What would such a thought do to your perspective toward today? Toward this very moment?

What could you be facing even now that this profound awareness would not enable you to face with confidence…without any worry or fear?

Why not right now, take a deep breath and, as you do, see yourself as receiving the breath and life of God into your innermost being? Then, slowly exhale and, with that exhalation, see yourself releasing all anxiety, concern, worry…whatever it is that preoccupies your thinking this day?

Here is the miracle that is God and God’s creation – that is, YOU – the miracle is, even when you’re not thinking of God…you’re still breathing…you’re still receiving the Life of God.

What more could you ask for today? Any day? This is the secret to happiness.

Giving Your Attention Too Quickly to the Next Thing…

posted by smcswain

“Much of our confusion in life comes from giving our attention too quickly to the next thing…” says Mark Nepo this morning.

Ah, now that touches a nerve in me. It does some of you, too. Which is precisely why, of all the things your eyes might have fallen on this morning, they have fallen on this instead.


Well, I suppose you could call it that, if you believe in such.

I’m not so inclined. Instead, I prefer to think that you’re here because this is Life’s way of saying to you, “Will you continue to live on the surface of your life? In constant motion? Driven as you are from one status update to the next? From one appointment… assignment…from one project and responsibility to the next?”

Any wonder you so seldom see the wonder of life? Of living? Why would you believe you could live any other way but confused? Uncertain? Or, pulled in a million and one directions?

Why not imagine what’s beneath the surface? Could it be that what you seek lies somewhere within? Closer than you think?

Now, lest you think I’m just pontificating this morning, you should know that I am describing my life. I’m too surface…too shallow…and, so often, confused.

No surprise? Only to those who read what I write and think of me as someone who is where they’d like to be. No, my friend, you read what I write precisely because you know…you know deeply…I’m not there, yet.  And, yet, I am, too. Because, you see, the moment I’m aware of the surface life I live, I have just taken a plunge to the depths.

That’s life’s mystery. When we know we’re not…we ARE.

The uncertainty within which most of us live is therefore directly related to the surface living most of us do. We remain not long enough to know anything with absolute peace…to know anyone with depth.

Except that, even now, we feel a little more at peace…a little deeper than a few moments ago.

And, why is this? Because, if you’ve read this much of this morning’s status report from the surface guru himself, there’s a pretty good chance, you are plunging into the depths of deeper knowing even now!

You, my friend, are beginning to live…

Your Best Life Now!  Your DEEPEST Life Now!

So, You Want to Become a Great Leader?…Live a Successful Life?…or, Know a Meaningful Spiritual Life? Here’s How:

posted by smcswain

I coach professionals, business executives, and religious leaders all across America. There’s a little cliche, the origin of which I do not know, that goes like this:

“You cannot get there from here;
You can only get here from there.”

What does this mean?

It means to start from the end.

In eastern philosophy, you are taught to treat yourself as if you are already that which you’d like to become.

So here’s how you apply this little known law of life…to leadership and to the living of a spiritual life.

In life, act as if you already are that which you’d like to become. Get a clear picture in your mind, for example, as to the person you want to be. As you do, the steps to becoming that person will automatically reveal themselves. The universe – what I call God – will arrange life in such a way so as to cooperate in the fulfillment of your desires. In other words, you will always know what to do today — that is, what steps to take — after you get clear about who you are today.

In leadership, it is the same. If you wish to become a great leader, know that you are inviting the universe to provide the means to help you realize it. I used to laugh, for example, at the absurdity of Saint Paul’s words in Romans 5:3-5, “…for we know that trouble produces patience in us.” Since I have always been a rather impatient person, I used to pray for “patience,” not knowing that, by giving my attention to that virtue, I was inviting the universe to provide the occasions…the experiences…today that would help me take the steps needed to become the person I imagined being.

I’m coaching a very powerful man, by company standards, who oversees an organization of more than 8,000 people. He wants to become a better leader. Once he decided that this was his ambition…his passion…his desire, I have had to remind him lately that the challenges to his leadership that have been recently overwhelming is Life’s way of providing him the pathway to fulfillment.

Start from the end.

It is the same in the spiritual life. But it is not the same either.

How’s that for confusing?

Here’s what I mean. For most of my life, I have desired a feeling of closeness to God…to my Divine Source. Yet, in spite of the steps I would take, the arduous effort I would give to the development of a consistent and rewarding walk of faith, I always felt as if I was coming up short…not quite making it. My religious tradition was little help, too. In fact, it was obsessively concerned with pointing out my failures. But, I needed no help in knowing where I was screwing it up. I knew all too well.

Then, one day I awakened out of that endless cycle of spiritual frustration. I realized that, unlike life and leadership or, for that matter, anything else, whenever I felt the desire to live and walk in the Presence of God, I realized I was at that instant right smack in the middle of that Presence already.

I am already the spiritual person I long to be. You, too.
I am already as close to the Divine as I’ll ever be. The same is true for you.

God is not “out there” somewhere…a spiritual Treasure you’ll only find after digging deep into the soul of your spiritual efforts…spiritual disciplines…spiritual perfection.

At the precise instant you think of God…you feel for God…you desire God…

At that precise instant you and God are one – eternally one.

Your spiritual practice is to remind yourself of this. But, don’t make a problem out of practice. Don’t turn this beautiful spiritual truth into some kind of religious struggle. Instead, know that just the thought of God in you IS the Presence of God. As you give attention to every thought, or to every impulse you feel to know God, then the feeling of God’s nearness will expand.

The reason I pray…I meditate…I discipline myself to life from the place of my higher self is not because I am then finally rewarded by God for my good efforts.


I engage in these spiritual practices because they help me expand my consciousness of God’s immediate Presence.

Only in the spiritual realm does the law above work both ways. While in life and/or in leadership, you get clear about what you wish to become, start treating yourself as if you are already that which you wish, and then know that your daily experiences, encounters, etc will be orchestrated by the Universe to carry you in the direction of your dreams.

In the spiritual realm, however, you get both there from here AND here from there.

In other words…

You LONG TO KNOW GOD; and then, you make the wonderful discovery that…

Do You Hear the Birds Sing?…

posted by smcswain

Do you hear the birds singing in the quiet hours of dawn?

For years, I have awakened between five and six every morning. It is my favorite time of the day. The world is filled with stillness. My mind is quiet and refreshed. It’s as if all I can hear is the silence around me…my soul silently absorbs the energy of emptiness.

You need this power that comes from Presence – without the emptiness to fill your soul, you’ll live off the energy of an illusory environment – it looks energizing…driven as you will become  by its demands, your own self-created expectations, the expectations and demands of others quotas to meet, a bottom line to protect. It’s all so draining. As all illusions are. It WILL drain you.

So, rise early, my friend. Make it your habit to awaken with the birds who from their branches and nests declare in perfect song the dawn of a new day.

They are singing this morning. And, my heart sings with them.

Do you hear the birds sing?

Feel their song in these words?  If you’re still reading, you are most likely absorbing these words like a Marathoner might water after an exhausting twenty-six miles. You need rest and refreshment, too, my friend. You need a song…the song of the birds. Will you absorb the energy you know you need. It is here and it is free.  Christians call it Grace. Buddhists call it “nirvana.” Receive this Grace. It is inexhaustible. It is perfect bliss.

For just a few moments, let the stream of God’s Eternal Presence gently flow over you this morning…let it flow within you…and envelope you with love…with life…with energy…with joy.

Today, no matter how demanding the day becomes…when you have paused in the early hours of dawn just to listen to the birds sing, you will find their song is your Source.

Do you hear the birds singing?

They’re singing your song. And, isn’t this the song Jesus hinted at when he said, “Look and listen to the birds of the air…listen to and observe the lilies of the field (Matt. 6)…they know and so sing the song my soul…your soul…needs to sing. Must sing.

So, today, look with me for the birds…listen for their songs…they are our reminders that we are our interconnected…we are all connected to God…we are…

UNIVERSE – the “uni” (ONE) “verse” (SONG).

Blessed singing, my friend.

Why Do I Meditate…Pray…and Write about the Spiritual Path?

posted by smcswain

I am frequently asked, “Why do you meditate…pray…or, for that matter, write so much about spiritual things?”

It’s who I am. How could I be otherwise? I’ve tried for years to be what others have wanted and, frankly, I’ve grown weary of it. I’m not here to entertain you…or please you…or dance around some ring in an effort to get you to like me…or, agree with you just so you’ll feel better about you. I didn’t show up to be someone I am not.

Nor did you.

I have exhausted much of life trying, too. And, I’m done with it.

If my beliefs offend you, then I suppose you’ll just have to be offended.  If my beliefs are too frightening for you, then you’ll just have to shiver.  I will not squeeze myself into your tiny box of “truth.” If you want to go through the rest of your life suffocating in some belief box of narrow thinking, then have at it.

Not for me.

Instead?  I will live free. I will be me. I’m going to be the person God has created me to be.

And, that person isn’t you! So, get over YOU!

You say, “But I don’t agree with half the stuff you write.  In fact, sometimes, you just plain suck!”

Then “UNFRIEND ME, my friend!”

Like Dah!

I do not WRITE for you any more than you LIVE for me.

No longer will I say I believe things just so you’re comfortable. If you do not know that Jesus meant what he said, when he said, we are to love God with all our heart and with all our MINDS (Luke 10:27), then you’ll just have to figure it out the hard way.

The mind part is just as important as the heart part. The mind involves everything rational and true and sometimes that means we have to let go of the primitive, limited understanding of people in the Bible who thought things we know better than to think today.  So, my friend…it’s OK to have questions. It’s OK to have doubts. You do not disrespect the Bible by admitting it’s limited understanding of many things. You only disrespect it by when you pretend otherwise. The questions you don’t want to ask or your friends do not want you asking either – that’s gotta go. Don’t buy the lie disguised as truth in the nauseating cliche’  “The Bible says it; we just believe it; so that settles it!”

Settles what?

Settles absolutely nothing. All it is…is an avoidance tactic they’ve cleverly confused for faith.

It has nothing to do with faith, however. Instead, it has everything to do with fear.  Their fear. That’s really how they’re living – in fear dressed up as faith and singing to the top of it voice…so loudly, in fact, they can’t think.

The charade won’t last my friend. The party is coming to a close on this kind of shallow religion. If you don’t believe it, you’ve been living with your head in the sand. Just go pick up this morning’s paper.  Or read it on your device. People, in record numbers, are realizing there’s been infinite good in religion and equally infinite evil. And I, and you, have a choice. The madness of so much religion is daily being replaced by the discipline of spiritual living. People are giving up knowledge about Jesus and in exchange are knowing the life-transforming Jesus.

So, if you must…if you’re just too frightened to do otherwise…go ahead, and pretend you don’t have a mind…just pretend to love God without it…pretend that you believe things that, secretly, you and I both know, you really do not believe.

The curtain will drop soon enough. One day you’ll know you can neither love God only with your heart but without your mind than you can eat pizza without a crust. (Oh, I just met someone who can! LOL!).

You will know that you could never know a God you’ve crammed into the box of your tiny thinking.

When you’re ready…and that may take a lifetime…but, when you’re ready, you’ll step out of your own box of pretension. And, my friend, when you do, you’ll make discoveries beyond imagine.

Rumi, the Sufi poet, asked the all important question, “The prison door is open! So, why would you stay inside?”

Step out of everyone else’s expectations and INTO…



What Is Faith?…

posted by smcswain

I’m looking out the window on a flight from Louisville to Atlanta where I’m helping a congregation redefine its understanding of mission and then recast a vision for their future.

I’ve been reflecting on the meaning of faith. What is faith?

What I realize today is that, more than at any other time, the confusion between faith and beliefs is widespread and perhaps is even pandemic. I understand the confusion well for I, too, have lived much of my life confused about the two.

So, again, what is faith? Here are the things to remember:

First, there is a difference between “beliefs” and “faith.” Many people mistakenly think their “beliefs” – that is, the things they say about the spiritual experience they’ve had is what constitutes faith. Well — and this may be the source of confusion — your beliefs do express your faith…your experience…but your faith is infinitely more than your beliefs.

Beliefs, no matter how carefully crafted and no matter how “orthodox” they might be, could never capture the essence of either the person of God or our experience of God.  As a consequence, the danger is that the things we say about God will become, as they often do, more important than the experience toward which they point.  As a spiritual teacher once reminded us, “The finger that points to the moon is not the moon.” In this regard, beliefs, instead of the faith experience toward which they point, can become the finger that points toward the moon.

Second, you cling to beliefs but you live by faith.  Here, too, there is a huge difference. Whenever people confuse beliefs for faith, they tenaciously, even argumentatively, cling to those beliefs and they do so precisely because they seek to feel spiritually secure.

It seldom works, however.

Why? Because faith, unlike your beliefs, cannot be gathered up and held in one’s hand, anymore than you can hold water in your hands.

Third, faith is best understood as the capacity to let go of certainty and to live at peace in the midst of uncertainty. Faith is the willingness…yes, even the risky business of letting go of one’s natural inclination to cling to a belief; a doctrine; a concept or idea; or even a belief system.

So, how do you know when you’re attached to a belief masquerading as faith?

What does it feel like inside you when your belief(s) is questioned? Do you feel threatened? Under attack? Do you feel the need to defend the belief? If so, there is a strong likelihood you are confusing faith for a belief. Otherwise, why would you feel this way?

Of faith, the writer of Hebrews says, “Now, faith means being certain of things we cannot see…” (Hebrews 11:1f, Phillips trans.). In other words, even your collection of beliefs, are things you can see. They are words on a page. But, essentially, little more. They may have great meaning to you…to your faith tradition…and even the weight of your faith tradition’s religious history. But still just words. You do not live by words. Instead, you live, when you live by faith, by an unseen capacity within you so utterly amazing, so completely Divine, that even cleverly crafted words could never capture the Mystery inherent in your believing.

And yet, the danger inherent in all religions, Christianity notwithstanding, is that our beliefs about God will become more important, institutionalized, even unquestionable, that whenever someone comes along and questions those beliefs, you feel attacked and so are compelled to respond accordingly.

So, you want to live by faith?

Perhaps this illustration will help?

On my flight this morning from Louisville to Atlanta, I was watching the sunrise through the airplane window. Across the horizon were rolling hills, as it were, of cascading clouds, white like mounds of freshly fallen snow.

I said to myself, “We’ll be arriving soon in Atlanta.”

But then, I thought, “But how do I know we will? I mean, for certain, that is?”

In truth, I did not know. And yet, I knew we would, too.

This is faith at work. We know what really cannot be known with certainty. And, so, we live in peace…in trust…in confidence.

I am often asked, for example, “But how do you know there is a God?”

And, my answer is: “I do not. And, yet, I do, too.”

“That’s contradictory,” you say. Admittedly, for those who need more, it is a problem.

For me, and I suspect for you – otherwise, why would you be reading this – except, of course, to find something with which to disagree.  I know, and you likely know, too, what really cannot be known. I see, and you see, what really cannot be seen. I feel, and you likely feel, what cannot be empirically proven only subjectively enjoyed.

Faith is…

…Knowing what cannot be known…

…Faith is releasing the control of your life and destiny…

…Faith is laughter in the face of paradox and contradiction..the big bellied Buddha-kind of laughter.

…Faith is trust in the presence of uncertainty…

…Faith is peace in the midst of chaos and misunderstanding…

…Faith is life lived with beliefs but beyond those beliefs, too…

Faith is…

God in you believing in Herself.

When you live from this place of knowing, you, my friend, are living…


Vanity…Vanity…(another word for “ego”) – Everyone’s Problem but MINE…

posted by smcswain
Vanity…Vanity…(another word for “ego”) – Everyone’s problem but MINE!

Have you ever noticed how vain we are?

You, of course. Not me.

What about the author who advertises he or she is a “Bestselling Author.”

If you were really a “bestselling” author, wouldn’t we know that already? If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.

As for me, I’m an “Author, Speaker, Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher.”

That’s different! LOL!

A little Saturday afternoon satire, garnished with a slice of truth.

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