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"Your Best Life Now" is all about just that! Your best life...NOW! The ideas and insights shared here will connect you to your highest self…to your spiritual Source itself. You'll discover your greatest potential released…not by seeking, struggling, or trying to please but, effortlessly instead. The guidance provided here will take you by the hand and gently lead you to the fulfillment of your deepest longings for happiness, inner peace, spiritual connectedness, even enlightenment. Each blog is carefully written with you in mind…to enrich the reservoir of your soul.. Your Best Life is not a pipe dream…not some distant realization that you might one day achieve -- if, of course, you attend the "right" church, synagogue, or temple or, worse, believe the "right" beliefs. Instead, Your Best Life Now is a Divine gift…even your birthright. It is the you, you really are…Now! It is your highest self beyond the facade…the public, social "you"…and infinitely more than the "you" you see in the mirror. Your Best Life Now is "Your Life" at its "Best" - NOW! If knowing and living an authentic life is your greatest desire…if finding and following a happy, healthy, spiritually-connected life is the longing of your soul, then stick around. You'll quickly discover that your Source is not difficult to find; it is impossible to ignore. This is "Your Best Life Now!"

About Dr. Steve McSwain

Dr. Steve McSwain is a speaker, author, spiritual teacher, and, while a Christian by choice, he's a proponent and activist for interfaith cooperation and dialogue. If you like the things you read, please visit his website There you will find his books on spirituality and his interfaith pendants all of which he hopes will help create a more conscious, compassionate, and charitable world.