You Can Sit With Us

Shannon Stoddard is a mother, writer and freelance copywriter. She is a member of the American Writers & Artists, Inc. and is an advocate for women facing any type of oppression. Her background is marketing but she also holds a degree in psychology. Shannon will be delving into topics that speak to the heart of women.

Have you ever had something so devastating, so challenging happen to you that you were brought to your knees, crying out for help?   We are born into this world, all are born Some have parents to care for them, […]

For over 100 years, all freshman Harvard Law Students were required to read all of Romans from the Bible. The assignment did not have anything to do with theology but the fact that Paul was the greatest debater. Oftentimes God […]

I asked God this morning, what do you want me to write about and this is where He led me. Not going to lie, felt convicted as I laid this all out. If we only have the love part and […]

It’s all going to be okay…. wait not okay… Who wants just okay? I sure don’t. I want all that God has for me and let me assure you He’s a big God with a Big imagination. There is simply […]

To Kiss the Son means to surrender fully and submit to him. ( straight from the bible). Christ is not only God’s chosen King, he is also the rightful King of our hearts and our lives. To be ready for […]

Did you know that we who are followers of Christ have total access to God’s favor?  It is our birthright. God has been speaking to me on this very subject for almost a week and I want to share with […]

From the book of Amos. Why does God put so much emphasis on the way we treat the poor and needy? How we treat the rich, or those of equal standing, often reflects what we hope to get from them. […]

Scripture can speak to us and reassure us for every situation we are in. When God says He is with us, that means more than most of us even realize. Let’s break this down a bit more. God not only […]

Have you ever felt that God doesn’t care about you or what happens to you? I think we have all felt that way many times throughout our lives. “Come on God, get on board with my plan.” Or other people […]

Last night I had very strange dreams and woke up unsettled. I am training myself to give everything over to God because I know that I have an enemy who would like to see me fall into depression, despair, and […]