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As God’s people, we are foreigners on earth because our loyalty is always to our real King, Jesus. Still we must cooperate with the authorities and be responsible citizens. Since we are Christ’s ambassadors, we need to know that we are being good foreign ambassador’s for him to the world. Ultimately, all we have comes to us from God’s supply, but he does want us to be active in the process.

When we don’t know Christ, we make choices as though this life were all we have. In reality, this life is just the introduction to eternity. How we live this brief span, however determines our eternal state. What we accumulate on earth has no value  in purchasing eternal life. Even the highest social or civic honors cannot earn us entrance into heaven. Evaluate all that happens from an eternal perspective, and you will find your values and decisions changing.

Jesus Christ has been given the authority to judge all the earth. Although his judgement is already working in our lives, there is a future, final judgement when Christ returns and everyone’s life is reviewed and evaluated. This will not be confined to unbelievers; Christians too will face a judgement. Their eternal destiny is secure, but Jesus will look at how they handled gifts, opportunities, and responsibilities in order to determine their heavenly rewards. At the time of judgement, God will deliver the righteous and condemn the wicked. We should not judge others’ salvation; that is God’s work.

Jesus is more than just a great leader, a good example, a good influence, or a great prophet. He is the Son of God. God is the word and the word is God. When you understand this profound truth, the only adequate response is worship. When you have a correct understanding of Christ, you will obey him.

Jesus used a child to help his self-centered disciples get the point. We are not to be childish ( harming others for our own gain) but rather childlike, with humble and sincere hearts. In what areas of your life( mine too) do you tend to struggle with childishness? In what ways are you making progress with childlikeness?

The disciples had become so preoccupied with the organization of Jesus’ earthly kingdom that they had lost sight of its divine purpose. Instead of seeking a place of service, they sought positions of advantage. It is easy to lose our eternal perspective and compete for promotions or status. It is difficult, but healthy to identify with children- weak and dependent people with no status or influence.

Children are trusting my nature. They trust adults, and through that trust their capacity to trust God grows. Gold holds parents and other adults who influence young children accountable for how they affect these little ones and their ability to trust. Jesus warned that anyone who turns little children away from faith will receive severe punishment. Jesus warned about two ways to cause little ones to sin; tempting them and neglecting or demeaning them. We must remove stumbling blocks that cause us to sin. This does not mean to cut off a part of the body; it means that any person, program, or teaching that threatens spiritual growth of the body must be removed. For the individual, any relationship, practice, or activity that leads to sin should be stopped. Jesus says it would be better to go to heaven with one hand than to hell with both, Sin effects more than our hands; it effects our hearts, mind, and our decisions.

Book of Matthew

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