You Can Sit With Us

Abigail’s story starts in a place familiar to all of us: a coffee shop. She had been there many times before and was excited to meet her friend.

The man she was meeting was already seated as she ordered her favorite drink. Their conversation felt as comfortable as if she had known him for years. Little did Abigail know, this man added something to her drink…. and in an instant, her worst nightmare had come to life.

She woke up with a searing headache in a dark and ominous room. She then waited in dread as men came in and repeatedly raped and beat her. Abigail had been sold into sex trafficking in Greece without even knowing what happened to her. Can you imagine the terror? Can you imagine that happening to someone you love? Gone, without a trace!

With God’s hand and others wanting to help, thankfully  the Greek police conducted a raid and rescued Abigail, then brought her to an A21 home where she could heal…a home many support. There, she received biblical counseling, medical care and unconditional love.

When you give of your time and resources to help others, you are also fighting the horrors that the enemy binds throughout our homes and throughout our nations. The enemy uses people to destroy people and we can battle against the wickedness with God’s help and His guidance.

What can you do this Thanksgiving that would be a blessing to someone else? Someone that may desperately need just a little time, a little understanding, and a possible need(s) met.

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