You Can Sit With Us

We are a 3 part whole

Body- houses our soul and spirit

Soul- will, thoughts, and emotions ( Our souls are fractured without God, daily)

Spirit- Christ in Us.

Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ…. For it has been granted to you on behalf of Christ not only to believe in him, but also to suffer for him. Phil 1:27, 29

We often wonder why suffering is a part of this life. I mean originally it was God’s plan for our lives to be full and perfect. Since the fall of mankind we have had a great deal of suffering. The apostle Paul speaks of suffering… There’s also suffering for Him. And the suffering is as much of a gift as the trusting.

Some of us don’t want to feel pain so we will do anything to avoid it. Yes, some pain we should avoid. God is clear about avoiding people, places, and situations that will cause you to sin. However, there is another type of pain that is imperative for the Christian because it is part of our growth. When we suffer, get wise and turn to God, He creates in us empathy for others. How can we begin to help others when we have never experienced deep losses ourselves. God’s purpose is to work for the good of others. If we are just constantly in our own ways, we are not working for the good of others. Sometimes God has to wake us up and say, “My child, get out of your selfishness.

Pain comes in all sizes and is there to teach us God’s ways. God knows the language of your tears.

The Bible says to fear the Lord means to revere and honor Him. A sinner’s conscience will drive him either into guilt resulting in repentance or to death itself because of refusal to repent. It is no act of kindness to try and make him feel better about his sin. The more guilt he feels, the more likely is he to turn to God. If we interfere with the natural consequences of his act, we may make it easier for him to continue to sin. For many people, the rugged individualist is a hero. We admire the bold, self-directed men and women who know what they want and fight for it. They are self- reliant, neither giving nor asking advice. What a contrast to God’s way. A person can’t know the future and can’t predict the consequences of his or her choices with certainty. And so the totally self- reliant person is doomed for failure. The wise person depends on God.

God wants us to identify with the needy, not ignore them. How can we identify if we have not suffered ourselves? The Gospel is not just hearing the word but doing something for somebody else. Jesus is the prime example.

The second part of this proverb could be restated positively: “Those who open their eyes to poor (weak) people will be blessed.” If God said it, don’t you think it’s pretty important? If we help others when they are in trouble, they will do whatever they can to return the favor. This is without strings. Strings correlate with an impure heart. God always looks at the heart and the motive of His people. Paul promises that God will supply all of our needs ( Phil 4:19). He usually does this through other people. If you feel a tugging to do something with pure intentions, then know that is a directive from God. Ask God to give you the wisdom to know the difference between your ways and His.

What can you do today to get out of yourself and supply someone with a need they have today?

Warnings rarely come with countdowns. We can’t tell when we’ve had our last chance to change. When we, like the person in this proverb, refuse to consider valid criticism, we leave ourselves open to sudden disaster. The moment we realize that a change is necessary is the best moment to take action. What significant adjustments have been on hold in your life for too long?

The Lord is the only one who gives sight for those who seek it. Don’t wait until it’s too late for God to show you the way you should live and go. “The Lord gives sight to the eyes of both,” means that everyone depends on God for sight. Both the oppressor and the poor have the gift of sight from the same God. God sees and judges both, and his judgement falls on those whose greed and power drives them to oppress the poor. 

What kind of climate are you setting? Allow God room to work in you so that you don’t fall short of His glory. His help is available to all who seek His guidance. That is a promise.


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