You Can Sit With Us

People who need help on the inside are often the ones who look like they don’t on the outside– Glennon Doyle Melton


When we are children our lives are relentlessly paced. Someone tells us when to eat, when to go to bed, and when to go to school all the while stuffed with activities. Then we become adults practically overnight and are no longer on a forced schedule. This is a pivotal time, a moment of silence. If we are wise we will begin to ask ourselves who am I? What do I want to do with this time? How do I want to give to others? Knowing that there will be consequences on both sides of these questions. We feel fear rise up because we don’t know the answers, yet! God says if we are listening that we have nothing to fear. This can be an adventure as we embark on the path less traveled. There will be rocks and cliffs but there will also be beautiful sunsets and blue waters.

The uncovering of our self discovery is opening our eyes, getting outside of ourselves and looking to our creator for guidance. Our devotion to God is essential to our purpose and plan. The gifts that have been given unlocks our potential into the signs of our destiny that our precious Lord lays before us.

It’s not about our occupation or our popularity, it’s about our work. What are you passionate about? What is truth?

We often times have to undo what our parents good intentions and desires are for us. It’s an awakening into our identity.

For me it didn’t begin until well into my thirties. God, who are you?  God tell me where to go? God, tell me who I am ? God, please lead me where you see fit.

It’s not that God isn’t speaking to us throughout our lives but the question becomes are we listening? He has been there the whole time- I formed you in your mother’s womb and set you apart. We have to be still and listen.

Wes Moore, the author of The Work says huge swats of people spend their entire working lives performing tasks they secretly believe do not really need to be performed. That is 1/3 of people’s lives. Since man is so full of error, I would imagine this rings true for many today. The moral and spiritual damage that comes from these situations is profound.

But, what if….

What if we began to listen more to the only voice who knows what has and is yet to come? Can you imagine all the heartache we could prevent for ourselves and others?

Know this…. God has placed a dream inside of you; tailored made for just you that didn’t come from your parents or your peers but from God himself. So tap in…. Go to your secret place and ask God daily to unleash the dream into your conscience mind. It won’t always be easy but it will be worth it. Don’t force your way, just ask and receive. God will give you what you need along the way when you feel depleted.

Questions to ponder….

What will my impact be on humanity?

Do I fill heaven and earth?

Where are my blind spots?

Who am I in Christ?

How well do I love others? Who teaches me how to love?

What are my talents and how am I giving of my time and resources to others?

Who is this really about? Me? My occupation? My kids? or perhaps God?

When is it time to let go?

The best is yet to come!



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