You Can Sit With Us

My sheep recognize my voice and follow me….John 10:27

Many, many people do not even consider or think about God on any given day so why would they think it’s important to hear from God? Let me speak truth over you today. This is not my version of the truth. This is a fact. You should not be satisfied with the status quo in your life. We serve a living God; a God that listens and acts on behalf of those who believe in Him. Take a look inside and ask yourself, “Will I really be okay with not hearing from my Father in heaven?”

There are 4 reasons why it’s vital to hear directly from God.

  1. It proves you’re in God’s family. When you tuned out the noise and make room for God, it confirms your relationship. It is scripture that God talks to His children. Do you consider yourself His child? If so, are you hearing from God?
  2. Just as parents talk to all of their children, God talks to all of those who believe ( His kids). He doesn’t play favorites. He talks to all believers, whether they are mature or immature. You have direct access. Just as children recognize their parents voices, we should be able to recognize God’s voice. They only way to do this is to grow spiritually. Pray, Listen, Wait, and Believe.
  3. Hearing God’s voice protects you from mistakes. If you listen, you will make fewer mistakes because you will hear Him warning you in advance. God will get very real with us if we receive. Proverbs says, ” Listen for God’s voice in EVERYTHING you do, and EVERYWHERE you go; He’s the one who will keep you on track.” It didn’t say listen to man’s voice. See, we make life changing mistakes when we listen to the voice of others over God. Notice the verse didn’t say just in church or just in your bible study but in everything you do and everywhere you go! God saves us from wasting a lot of time if we will be obedient.
  4. It produces success in life. This is not the kind of success the world talks about ( more stuff) where you are rich and famous. This is God’s definition of success which is being exactly who God created you to be so that your life can have real meaning. “I will guide you along the best pathway for you ( your life, not someone else’s). ” I will advise you and watch over you.” Listen for His voice, make room, cut out the noise and the endless busyness so you can live the way God intended. There is nothing that our God cannot do if you make room. He says that we can accomplish more by doing less if we are dependent on Him. Where are you currently deceived? It’s a daily dying to the flesh. It’s a daily lying your life down at the cross so He can make your path straight. YOU CAN DO IT because your are His beloved and He will help you.

Pray this simple prayer….

Dear God, I am tired of trying to figure out what to do next. Please forgive me for leaning on my own understanding and not listening to you. I want to lay my heavy burdens at your feet right now and ask that you direct the course of my life. I ask for strength and tenderness as you do a good work in me. I ask that you help me to stay in your presence when I go off my path. I realize you and only you bring freedom and eternal life. In Jesus name, Amen ( let it be).

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