You Can Sit With Us

We had a prophetic speaker come to our church on Sunday and I want to share some of what he said to you….

We get so caught up in right and wrong and the way we feel that we are missing what our purpose is all about and that is Jesus. We either swing too much in the “rules” of the church or the complete opposite “God is love and I just want to feel good when I come to church.” “Just give me my latte’ and Jesus.” We even see that on tee-shirts now. We have moved into  revival without revelation. Our God is love, yes! However, there is much more….

First, doctrine is NOT debatable! We try to pick and choose what fits into our own little molds but doctrine is doctrine. If you are debating, you are missing who God is, His power, and His plan.

Second, Read THE WORD! Stop just listening to messages or occasionally reading a devotional.

Third, GET ON YOUR FACE IN PRAYER. People are misrepresenting the true power of prayer. We are to Go Boldly to the throne with petition and thanksgiving. Our God is a God of miracles, signs and wonder. Start believing who He says He is.

Fourth, Begin a friendship with your savior. Talk to Him, laugh with Him, cry with Him. He loves you and is your partner in this life. Stop running to everyone else and run to the one who created everyone else.

God is not mad at you, but we Christians are missing what this really is all about and that is bringing God’s kingdom to earth so here are a few more tips to help you better understand ( yes, this is biblical). We are to be saving souls.

1. Love God with all your heart, with all your soul- He is not your sidetrack, He is your maintrack. Action not just words.

2. Love others. We need to start putting how we feel aside and start showing others compassion. Stop judging others. If someone has hurt you, give it over to God to handle. Our God is a God of justice and knows what is happening at all times. Say, “I am sorry more!” Lend a hand. The world needs more love, stop being so self-absorbed and selfish. Repent!

3. Seek the Kingdom first ( God and His will) and whatever you ask, will be given. This does not mean if I feel like it or I will until something better comes along. We should be worshipping our creator at all times and allowing Him total access to our lives.

If you start living this out, then you will see significant changes in your circumstances, in yourself and the way you view others. Don’t give up.

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