You Can Sit With Us

After Salvation ( born again), we are now a new creation. God in us ( Holy Spirit dwells). Our sins have been forgiven and we grapple with that reality as we still continue to sin. Some may think, “I have been saved so I can live as I choose while others, still carry the burden of condemnation; feeling like they don’t measure up. However, there is a better choice that can bring real freedom and help. Let’s create our own parable so you can better understand…

When a woman becomes pregnant for the first time, she is told there will be a lot of changes to her body. She’s heard the stories from friends and family but still doesn’t quite know what to expect. In her first trimester she may feel a bit nauseous and her energy level is dropping. She just needs a nap.

When we become saved, we too are excited to think that one day we will be in heaven with God. We think of what heaven will be like and know with our limited human knowledge that we have been forgiven and are now in Christ. We may not feel different even though we are told we are. We actually may feel a bit worse. Our little world seems to be having more problems than ever. We think, “God are you there?” I thought for sure that my life would just magically get better once I was following Christ.

You have now decided to share the news with your family since you are finally in the “safe zone” of your pregnancy. Everyone who loves you is so excited for this new life. You are not showing yet but you can feel things changing a bit on the inside. Your body is expanding to make room and your hormone levels are up and atom.

When God is in us ( His seed), we begin to water that seed with the word of God and allow the Son of righteousness to shine on that seed in order for it to grow and bring life. We decide what seeds we want to sow and know now the only one that will bring life is the seed of God ( His Word).

Do not be deceived; God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.- Galatians.

In the morning sow your seed, and at evening withhold not your hand, for you do not know which will prosper, this or that, or whether both alike will be good. = Ecclesiastes 11:6 

Second Trimester….Here comes the baby bump, you embrace the changes more now. In, God you are also noticing slight changes as God  begins a good work in you to align body, soul, and spirit. Some days, you feel energized and excited about the possibilities and other days you are uncomfortable and scared out of your mind. Your emotions are in full swing as you are being stretched physically and figuratively. You cry, you laugh, sometimes even at the same time. “Who is this person, you asked yourself?” You catch a glimpse of your old familiar self pre-baby, pre-Jesus in the mirror. You long for her sometimes but you know you can’t go back now. This is much more important than anything you have ever done so you press forward.

The weight is harder to bear as the days turn into months. Your whole body is swollen and forget about a goodnights’ sleep. You just want this baby out! Now!!! When people mention labor, you are like “Labor ShMabor, just get this thing out!” You are more than ready for your precious little reward.

God whispers, “just a little bit longer, I know you think you are ready but not yet.”  Everything in your being is shouting, “I am too READY!!: “Be patience, my child I am creating something brand new.” You are weary and want to give up. You are tired of being tired and utterly uncomfortable. Your friends are having girls’ nights and you are at home trying to roll yourself off the couch. Your husband may try an be helpful but he doesn’t really understand what you are going through. No one really does.

The restlessness, the anxiousness, the uncertainty of what is to come takes hold. Your due date ( also your promise) is past  due. Each morning you wake up thinking “Is today the day?” Another day passes. God is reassuring you in the quiet of the night, “It’s worth the wait.”

You fall out again from pure exhaustion and are awoken from the pain you feel. “Is it time?” Yes, it is time! Your bags have been packed for weeks now and as you head to the hospital, the anticipation is mixed with nervousness. The labor pains increase and you want to turn back. The doctor breezes in and tells you it is time to push. You bear down and begin pushing. The flurry of emotions is overwhelming. How will I get through this? What if I am not cut out for this? Will my baby be ok? Tears are streaming down your face, the road has been long and arduous. “PUSH”, the doctor says. You muster up the little strength you have left and push with all your might. All of a sudden you hear the cries, it is the sweetest sound that you have ever heard. This beautiful little soul is handed to you and all is right in the world. Every bit of fear and worry is replaced by sheer joy and peace. You thank God for this gift.

The promises of God are much the same. There are seasons when everything around you feels like it is going to come crashing down. You are losing hope in God because uncertainty has struck. Maybe you lost your job or you are going to lose your home. Maybe, you just received “bad” news about your health. Where do we turn? What do we do? You are sure this is much more than you can take.

But Jesus immediately said to them: take courage! “It is I. Don’t be afraid.’ “Lord, if it’s you, Peter replied, tell me to come to you on the water.” ” Come, he said. Then Peter got out of the boat, walked on the water and came towards Jesus. 

In this life, we will have times where our worldly foundation will shake and possibly even crumble. For you will have trouble in this life. God will stretch our faith as he works our flesh out of us. He is trying to get our eyes off of our circumstances and on Him because He is our true foundation. Stepping out of the boat in the middle of a storm is terrifying. It’s a letting go that most people don’t want any part of. It does not feel natural when you lose your home or your job. The pain is real. God will allow things to happen to us to get us back on His path and off of our own. He lets us know He is there with us but if we are going to win this race and God is the prize, then we have to let go and put all our hope, trust, and faith in Him and only Him. God gives and He takes away. So if we want to weather the storm, we have to allow Him control as we humble ourselves before Him. Our God despises pride in His children and when we collect, control, and covet, we have entered into a faulty foundation.

Sanctifying us is painful but much less painful than putting your trust in things that will perish. The doubts rise up in you… “I don’t think God hears me?” “I don’t believe God is going to help me.” Cast them down because they are not of God. Will God possibly take you further out of the boat than you want to go? Yes! But He is clear that He is your life vest.

Lay it down and let God do His will so He can birth in you who He already says you are. His promises are for you.




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