You Can Sit With Us

Want to share this story by Nicki K. A Woman who Doesn’t Quit

I sat sipping my fresh cup of coffee, listening to her story, and hearing what God was doing in her life. My friend was about to embark on a journey across the country to follow after a purpose she desired.

I was so excited for her as she shared with me the ways she had seen the faithfulness of God through this situation. I was really inspired, but something inside of me ached when she said these words…

“You know, Nicki, when you’re following God, everything just falls into place.”

” I nodded my head slowly, took another sip of my coffee, and held back the tears.”

When we are following God and it feels like everything’s falling apart… disappointment can easily develop into bitterness.

I was following God too. I was chasing the purpose, the dream, the plans He had for my life. But, it didn’t feel like anything was falling into place. It felt like everything was falling apart. Every time I seemed to turn around there was another obstacle, another detour away from where I was trying to go. How do we follow God when it feels like everything is falling apart?

I think Ruth may have run into the issue more than once on her journey with Naomi because Naomi and Ruth arrive in Bethlehem, there’s a clue as to how this journey may have gone.

Let’s read Exodus 15:23 to get a better idea of why Naomi would say to call her this. Why does it say they could not drink the water in Marah?


Now, you guys, I have been mad at God and others before, but goodness gracious- you know are mad when you change your name to bitter. That is a whole other level of bitterness.

It’s possible there were days when she felt that following God wasn’t looking too snazzy and upbeat. This assignment of refinement was getting harder for Ruth.

When we are following God and it feels like everything is falling apart, if left untreated, disappointment can develop into bitterness, fairly easily.

God did not give Naomi the name of Bitterness, but Naomi which means pleasant.

We can have all kinds of things that create bitterness like Naomi or we can take disappointments and turn them into areas of refinement over our lives. Not allowing bitterness to slip in when you are aching for something to change is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I have felt like giving up many times. The crushing on all sides is painful but at times necessary for our maturity and purpose.

Get rid of all bitterness, rage, anger, harsh words, and slander, as well as all types of evil behavior.

Ridding yourself of things feels difficult and even confusing at first because we are somewhat attached whether good or bad. Cleaning out your closet, you may think, “What if I need this again?” But after, awhile of letting go, stuff just starts flying off of the hangers into bags and out of the house. “Don’t need this anymore.” “Don’t need that anymore.”

God will take us through difficulties but we do not have to become bitter if we stay in relationship with Him. These times are learning grounds that shape us, strengthen us or destroy us. With God’s help, we can win.



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