You Can Sit With Us

Isn’t it funny how we spend so much of our lives waiting for the next thing we want in order to feel complete? High school students often think college will solve all their problems and although it is an exciting new chapter, it too comes with a whole new set of problems and struggles. People are always longing for something and attaching that “something” to their happiness. “I just want a new job.” “I just want to start my own business” ” I just want to have a baby.” ” I just need a vacation.” “When I have a bigger house….” When I have a husband…..” The wants go on and on and don’t seem to stop no matter how much we try to temper them. Why do we always want more?!

When God created man and woman, He specifically designed us to go to Him for all needs. Our needs and wants are really His decision not our own. When we step outside of His guidance, we lose sight and desperately try to hold on to what often times He wants us to let go of. Our hands are to be open to Him as he gives and takes away.

Whom have I in heaven but you? And besides You, I desire nothing on earth.  This verse sounds good but it doesn’t seem like it lines up with what is actually happening. I desire nothing on earth??? Ummm, I don’t know about you but there are things I want on this earth.

Let me see if I can break this down a bit more so we can really understand the meaning behind this scripture…What this scripture really means is that the things you think you want are really pale in comparison to Christ Jesus, His love and what is to come. The whole world, and all the things in it are nothing in comparison to who God is. If a man possessed all possessions, and even people but had no interest in the Lord, he would be miserable.

See, the things we think we want to make us happy are really empty if we are putting those things before God and here is the reason why? God shifts our perspective as He works on our heart issues and through us. We begin to see things and people differently and as we grow, and our wants and needs change too. I used to want to make money, period! I wanted the nice home and the nice material possessions.  However, as I began to grow in true wisdom, I realized that a lot of what I thought I wanted slowly diminished. My perspective changed. It’s not to say, I don’t want security but now I know my security lies in Him. If He wants to give me financially security, then I have to become financially responsible with what I have now. Boy, this is not easy but it is necessary in order to mature. I am still learning this lesson but He is there to help me. He is the one who provides and then I am the one who shows Him, I can be giving as well as responsible. It is all His anyways, so I know I have to go to Him for direction. Do I buy a new pair of shoes or do I tithe? Maybe, if I release everything into His care, then He will provide me with the new pair of shoes. I want to be clear here… It’s not about what I can get from God, it is about trusting Him. Do you see what I am saying? Our God is always in a good mood and wants His children to enjoy life. He is not a God who wants to keep things from us but He is a God that is more concerned with our character than our wants. It is about letting go! It’s about trusting His time.

Our purpose in this life is to save souls just like Jesus saved our soul. If you are working what you feel is a dead end job, hang on because the truth is that you are really working for Jesus and He may just have you in this particular job for a reason and a season. Our Lord, longs to give us the true desires of our heart but first He must prepare us.

Jesus is telling the greatest story that has ever been told and we are the main characters. He wants all His children to enter into His kingdom but what we miss is that His kingdom is now. You never know how your very presence can actually change another for the greater good.

In the book of James, it says….We can never really know the depth of our character until we see how we react under pressure. It is easy to be kind to others when everything is going well, but can we still be kind when others are treating you unfairly? God wants to make us mature and complete, not keep us from all pain where we just stay in our little comfort zones with no interruptions. Instead, of complaining about our struggles and what we don’t have ( yet), we should see them as opportunities for growth. To believe and not doubt means not only believing in the existence of God, but also believing in His loving care. It includes relying on God and expecting that He will hear and answer when we pray. We must put away our critical attitude when we come to Him. God does not grant every thoughtless or selfish request. We must have confidence that God will align our desires with His purposes.

A mind that wavers is not completely convinced that God’s way is best. It treats God’s word like any human advice, and it retains the option to disobey. It vacillates between allegiance to subjective feelings, the world’s ideas, and God’s commands.

If your faith is new, weak, or struggling, remember you can trust God. Then be loyal to Him. To stable your wavering mind, commit to him daily. This includes talking to Him through prayer, reading His word which is your life book, and surrounding yourself with other’s who will help you actually walk it out.

The best truly is yet to come and you can expect good things. It is not all hard and painful if you submit to His ways. Our life is like a 5000 piece puzzle. We dump the pieces out of the box and it seems impossible to put together. God is with us and as we turn to Him, he begins to show us where each piece goes. This will go on the rest of our lives but if we are in Him, the puzzle will be completed and we will become whole.



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