You Can Sit With Us

It is very important in the times we live in that we know what we believe. Deception pulls people away from their faith and faith is what pleases God. We grow up with certain mind- sets and beliefs but the real truth is, that if those mind- sets and beliefs don’t align with the word of God, they are lies! So, let’s begin with 2 things you must know.

1. Know who God is for yourself. We often listen to others including our pastors but it is utterly important that you read the word of God for yourself. This is your relationship not someone else’s.

2. Know who you are. We waver on who we are depending on who we are around. You cannot know yourself without knowing God. How do you know God by rooting yourself into His word. This is called receiving.

The word of God is ALIVE!!! Let me just give you a few examples of what the word of God can actually do in your life right now because God can use anybody who is willing and seeking.

The word is a complete game changer, it is life giving as it heals, gives you a sound mind, better decision- making skills, more patience, less anger, fear reducer, love enhancer, burden lifter, path guider, less comparing, more joy, less jealousy, purer heart, deeper compassion and YOUR PURPOSE.

See, the word changes us into His images but it also saves our soul. Our spirits get saved when we are born again but our souls are our will, emotions, and thoughts. If our souls are damaged in anyway ( and they are), we need God to heal those areas so we can become all He planned us to become. We do not want to get to Heaven with regrets. My heaven or your heaven could be today, we do not know when we will take our last breath. What we do now, echos in heaven.

When this life is all over and it will be, there is so much more for us. We are temporarily residing abroad right now. This world is not our home but so many of us are living like it is. We will all give an account for our lives and what was in our hearts. Do everything with a pure motive because God searches our hearts and knows our motives. If we do what is right today ( what is right is what God says, not society), then we won’t have regrets tomorrow. If you are studying the word of God, then you know what is right today.

People are living miserable and wretched lives with an ocean full of regrets. Regrets how they treated others, regrets for the things they did or will do. However, each day God gives us new mercies and if we are smart we will become rooted in Him. Everywhere you go, there you are so if you do not like what you see, then maybe it’s time for God’s help and guidance because the only way to live right is through a real relationship with Jesus. Remember, Jesus is the tree of life and the world is the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

We live in times where’s there is a big push to be relevant in the world but we must be very careful that we don’t focus too much on our own relevance that we become irrelevant to God. We all long to be loved and accepted. We want to belong but God is love and is the one who teaches us how to properly love. We cannot love without GOD!  He is our source for every  tiny, little matter so begin creating a habit of spending time with Him. Let Him have His way in you, you won’t regret it. As we spend more time with God we go from a give me state to a make me state. Your will, Lord!

God has something for every single one of us but often times we hold back, feeling like we have been passed by so we must be bold as we go to the throne. We must ask questions, receive His word, and let Him have his way. The very things that you are passionate about, He put in you. Ask God to anoint those areas of your life as He prepares you for what is next.

The preparation can be painful because most of us are too consumed with our image as we pretend to be what we are not. We have become shallow and hardened. The question that we must ask ourselves because it will be asked of us by our creator is what do I look like on the inside? Man looks at appearance but God looks at the heart. Our hearts are deceiving if again, we are not rooted in the word ( our life book).

When God picks you to do something, He and only He can catapult you into realms that man never could. It will shock you and you will be completely in awe. You will be tested, others won’t like you, you will lose friends and even family. You will have opposition in many areas that could also include finances or health issues. This becomes such a battle for us because as humans we always want to hang on even when we shouldn’t. You will feel lonely while God cleans house but only for a time. Our God always give back in multiples in due time for everything we lost. The best is yet to come. We have to start believing that. His promises are true and that does not mean when we get to heaven, it means now. As on earth as it is in heaven.

Lay it down! Stop procrastinating! Allow Him to sort out your life, the reward will come for the price you paid. Sometimes we have to give up what we already have before He can give us something even better. This is what it means to trust Him. If you are not letting go, then you are holding yourself back from all that He wants to give freely with absolutely no strings. His motives are pure, we are His children.

God will move you at the appointed time and not a second sooner. That time is when you are ready and only He knows when you are ready. Each day we put Him on the back burner of our busy lives, is each day we hold ourselves back to all that he wants to bless us with. Our God cannot and will not promote us if 1. we don’t know who He is and 2. we don’t know who we are. One cannot happen without the other.

God may give you a vision, a dream, a word of what is to come but that does not mean it will come today or even tomorrow. It will come when you are ready. You may have talent and/or charisma but if you are without character, then you are not ready and the regrets will continue to multiple.

And I will bless you with an increase in favor, and I will curse ( my wrath, my judgement) the one who despises you ( dishonor, contempt, mistreat), and I will bless those who bless you. 

It doesn’t get any better than that. God is who I want on my side and I believe there is nothing better that you can do in this life than to get to know Him and yourself. Your purpose will come, get rooted, get ready.

I can’t say it enough, thank you God.



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