You Can Sit With Us

Everybody worries! For some you worry about how much you worry. For others, you might be in denial about your worry. We think, “Oh, I have to fix this.” “I can’t rest until this problem is solved!” Even if we don’t admit it, we have a huge self-reliance mentality. However, something always happens at some point/s in our lives that reminds us we are not in control at all. Control is the biggest illusion we face. God is the one who is really in control and the good news it that He loves us so much.

We have these continuous thoughts in our heads… ” I just need a house and I will be happy.” I just need a new job and I will be happy. I just need to fix my relationship and I will be happy.” The problem is that even when all of those things come to pass, a new set of problems are usually right around the corner. Our problems will never completely go away; they will come and go but the worry and anxiety seem to stick around all the time. Why? and Where does worry come from?

Worry is a heightened sense of vulnerability and a diminished sense of power. Here are some areas where we can feel worry…







How can we get a better hold over worry? Wise people will tell you that worry is a complete waste of time even though they worry too…. Jesus says, don’t worry about tomorrow because tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Well, that’s encouraging, huh? Seems impossible not to worry but let’s see if we can’t shift our perspectives a bit.

How can we respond when problems arise

1. Stop trying to control what you can’t control- God is our refuge, our ever present help in trouble. Be still and know that I am God. The word still means to seize from striving- that doesn’t mean not to do anything but to give your burdens to God. Stop using your will and your intellect (BTW, the two things God gave you) and allow Him to work on your behalf by leaning into Him. There is only one God and we are not Him. We do get a bit of a God complex when we think we can fix all our of problems. Allow God the reins and be still, you will then know what to do when it is time to deal with that problem.

2. Look back. Sounds crazy when everyone is telling us not to look back, only forward. Our God loves to make a way when there seems to be none so look back as a reminder to see the wonderful and loving ways he has came to your rescue. Write down the things that God has done for you. Count your blessings because the truth is there are many. Sometimes we have to look back on our past in order to trust God with our future. If I get up in the morning and just thank God, it sets in motion a deeper faith and honestly makes my day better. Thanksgiving, yes?

3. Pray about EVERYTHING!! Phil. 4 says do not be anxious but with prayer and petition brings all to me. How is your prayer life, really? I had to ask myself this same question and honestly it’s spotty. Have you ever began to pray and found your mind wandering off? Those constant stream of thoughts….. ” Is so and so mad at me? “Did I do such and such right at work? “Do I look ok, today? “What is going on with my husband?”” Ugh, I have so much to do?” We think we are only suppose to pray about spiritual things like someone being sick or some natural disaster or lives lost but Gods says pray about every situation. He already knows what you are thinking anyway. God desires a relationship with you. Giving everything to Him means you truly trust Him. So, just pray about what is on your mind, even if that is ” what am I going to make for dinner?” I believe He loves to hear from His children. Joyce Meyer says, she takes Jesus to the store with her.

Worry is our prompt to talk to God. He doesn’t want us carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. One of His many great promises is “Come to Me, All of you who are weary and burden and I will give you rest. He doesn’t say, take a vacation or a nap. He clearly states if you want real soulful rest, I am the one who can give you that. Cast all of your anxieties on Him because He cares for you



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