You Can Sit With Us


Did you know that the Devil has big plans for you and me? Yes, he starts out nice and slow coming up with great strategies with his demons that will entice us. Big shiny things that catch our attention and we are like “mine, I must have.” He knows who we are and where we live. He studies our history and our weaknesses. He knows that you want that new promotion, new house, or long to be married. He knows the dysfunction in your family, your fears and anything that has harmed you. He plants himself in every corner and entry way into your life, demanding your attention with his ultimate goal of destroying you. He will get you wrapped up in emails, meetings, social media, idols, social events, possessions, sex with random people, money, and keeping up with the Jones’ He will gladly place people and things into your life that you are sure are part of your purpose all the while, laughing at what a sucker you are. He will put thoughts into your mind about your loved ones, friends, and co-workers and soon you will be complaining and gossiping about anyone who does not see things the way that you do. He doesn’t want you to embrace the differences in others. He does not want you to show compassion and definitely not love. He wants you fully self- absorbed, wanting everything your way. He wants you waking up with doubts and going to bed scared out of your mind. He wants total control of your life.

The Devil does not want you reading your bible, or going to church or bringing people together. He wants total division and will use his power to make sure you face a slow painful death separated from God. He entices, entangles and destroys his victims. Are you going to let him do this to you or are you going to fight for what is rightfully yours? Where do you want to spend your eternity? Is it something you even think about?

The Devils days are numbered and we are created in Christ image so everyday we must go to Him for our living water and armor because we are in a battle. He will totally protect us but the choice is ours. Do we want a real relationship with God? Do we want to let him take over our lives? The Devil wants us to think that we can’t live a righteous life with all the rules about sin. However, sin really means harm. God does not want his children harmed. He wants us to live abundantly in Him. If we stop and ask God to examine our lives, he will show us each day what needs our attention and what does not. He will show us how to put people before possessions. He will take the blinders off and allow us to see what he sees. Our hearts will start to break for what breaks His heart. We will be better because of Him. Freedom awaits ,when you plant your head firmly on the heart of Jesus

Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil- Ephesians 6:11

The next book I want to recommend is Pulling Down Strongholds by Derek Prince


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