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Any focus or goal other than God himself in fullness will become the source of deception in the days ahead- Francis Frangipane

So, I am about to leave for vacation and my mind has been consumed with getting ready for our trip. I was thinking to myself, “What will I write about before I leave?” I began this course In Christ Image Training ( ICIT) and this morning started reading through the first weeks material and my mind was blown…. I must share with you. My hope is that these words will resonate deep within your soul and you will ask God to increase your awareness.

Christlikeness or Christianity….

We have instructed the church in most facets of christianity except truly becoming disciples of Jesus Christ. We have filled members with doctrines instead of deity. We have given them manuals instead of Emmanuel. It is not difficult to recognize someone from  various church backgrounds. Nearly every denomination or movement seems to develop a particular slant or system of traditions, some which ultimately obscure the simplicity and purity of who Christ really is as well as our devotion to Him. They want you to submit yourself to their way of thinking and soon you will be like them? Is that wrong? Maybe not. However, without Christ front and center, it will never be enough because we are seeking to become like Jesus not men. This is called kingdom living and any power or source other than Jesus will become dead works in the days ahead.

Let’s think for a minute what Jesus did with ordinary men… ( If you haven’t read the Gospels, it will be an awakening like you have never had). In just three and an half years, average men and women were completely transformed into courageous disciples. They did not complain about suffering or waiting- they embraced sacrifice and were equipped with Christs’ authority over evil, illnesses, and circumstances. These were common men that were living proof that Christ can transform you totally. Do you want transformation? Do you want better days? Do you want eternal life? Jesus is the only answer.

Our God can use anyone who is hungry and willing.. Count it a blessing when He strips you down of people and possessions because that is when the true glory begins- it draws you to Him and only Him. We must be passionately seeking God above all else to see the real fruits. I believe there is nothing he won’t reveal to us, or give us when we are ready and our human hearts are no longer the issue.

Don’t think God won’t use you… When you lay down your privileges and accolades, you can be ministering to someone in your living room or on the street and He will use His power and Glory in ways your mind cannot comprehend.

Our approach to God should Not be rigidly structured and inflexible, but malleable and soft. Remember, we are the clay and He is the potter.  ( Gal 4:19)

Those whom God chooses are ” new wineskins, cleansed, emptied and capable of expanding with the ” new wine.”

Your greatest rewards are in Jesus Christ.

I am the vine and you are the branches; he who abides in Me and I in him, will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing- John 15:5)

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