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Last week we visited the Hare Krishna church and, just in case you’re wondering how we felt about it, stop back FIRST THING TOMORROW MORNING and find out. But today we decided to take the kids into Old Town (where […]

You know them as Quakers. They know themselves as Friends, or, officially, as the Religious Society of Friends. If you vote Democrat, raise chickens but don’t eat them, wear Jesus sandals and own a first edition of the Moosewood Cookbook […]

A rabbi is chanting voicemail messages left by people in the towers.

In honor of the ten year anniversary of 9/11, we figured it was high time we visited a faith that neither of us knows much about: ISLAM.  In preparation, I took Beliefnet’s Test Your Knowledge of Islam quiz and my […]

Hey, remember us, your favorite churchgoing atheists? We’re still here and we’re still hitting the pews. This week will be a special catch-up week, where we tell you about the churches we visited over the last month or so. But […]

I was still a teenager when I first met world class drummer Ron Steen. He’d dropped by my jazz band class at Jefferson High School—then a performing arts “magnet” school—to offer some of the young turks like myself a few […]

By Joel Gunz In a perfect world, you would never see a church set aside just for gay people. It makes about as much sense as starting a church for the left-handed, the red-headed  or the peanut-intolerant. But we don’t […]

We spent Memorial Day weekend with the kids on Mt. Hood, where we went sledding, threw snowballs and played mini-golf during the few minutes the sun peeked through the clouds. It wasn’t exactly this California girl’s ideal way to kick […]

Have you heard of The Bridge? No? Maybe you’re not hanging out at the right coffeehouses, yoga studios, house parties, college dorms or food banks. At The Bridge, they do things a little bit differently. If attending for the first […]