Year of Sundays

If you’re a man or woman “of a certain age,” you probably associate the Hare Krishna religion with your local airport. Once upon a time you could find them proselytizing—or, if that failed, accepting donations—as people got off the plane. […]

Last week we visited the Hare Krishna church and, just in case you’re wondering how we felt about it, stop back FIRST THING TOMORROW MORNING and find out. But today we decided to take the kids into Old Town (where […]

Question: Name one place where you can get married, hear your fortune and gaze admiringly at a spinning kewpie doll any time day or night? Okay, there’s probably a 900 number for that. But how many of those are presided […]

Sunday, September 25 at 9:47 a.m “Where are we going for church?” “Is it Sunday already?” “’Fraid so, babe. Get up. Have some coffee and an Emergen-C.” “God…. Ow…. Why am I wearing your bra? How about the Hare Krishnas? […]

If, for some strange reason, you happen to venture into Vancouver, Washington — just a stone’s throw from Portland, barring traffic congestion — you might notice more than few cars bearing the bumper sticker “Only God.” Its white-on-black design (opposite […]

When I was a kid, one of our favorite family camping rituals was the initiation into the Secret Order of the Goose. When night fell, we’d gather around the campfire and with outstretched arms, my stepdad would lead us in […]

Amanda and I took the day off today from church in order to get a head start on Halloween decorating. Which means that I ducked into our home office to escape the chaos of three kids unpacking styrofoam spiders to, […]

You know them as Quakers. They know themselves as Friends, or, officially, as the Religious Society of Friends. If you vote Democrat, raise chickens but don’t eat them, wear Jesus sandals and own a first edition of the Moosewood Cookbook […]

Whoosh! Where has the summer gone? Amanda and I have missed you, dear hot and sweaty reader, and you might be wondering what the hell happened to us the last few weeks as well. Let’s just chalk our hiatus up […]

Hey, remember us, your favorite churchgoing atheists? We’re still here and we’re still hitting the pews. This week will be a special catch-up week, where we tell you about the churches we visited over the last month or so. But […]