Year of Sundays
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I am hard at work on a schedule for our year of Sundays, but it’s a work-in-progress. We have already decided to hit a Pentecostal Church this Sunday, but I can’t decide WHICH ONE! Help me choose! Joel is no […]

I can’t talk about going to Synagogue without talking about Rebecca Long, my grade school BFF. We were attached at the hip for a good chunk of our childhoods, which, in hindsight, makes her just as much a sister as […]

This post is for my wise friend David, who, though he never adopted Judaism, remains my rabbi without a cause. Rabbi Michael Z. Cahana, who makes angsting about the meaning of existence look easy — even downright fun!   People […]

Call us gluttons for punishment. But this weekend, it wasn’t enough to fill up on one church service. We had to go back for seconds. And so, on Friday evening, we shlepped over to the Reformed Jewish synagogue of Congregation […]

Since we’re new to, I figured it might be a good idea for us to introduce ourselves. So, HI! I’m Amanda P. Westmont. This is the bio Joel wrote for me when we started this project back in January: […]

Each week, Amanda and I visit a different church, sitting quietly, taking notes and—if granted permission to do so—discreetly taking a few pictures. As journalists, we tend not to participate in their rituals, maintaining an (ahem) “objective” distance from the […]

This is how it began: over a month ago, I informed Joel that I’d Googled “2011 Jehovah’s Witness Memorial” and that the smackdown was happening on Sunday, April 17th. “Good. But let’s go somewhere well out of the way, so […]

This was my childhood Kingdom Hall. Originally it had windows through which I could watch airplanes leaving contrails in the sky during the meeting. Since then, Kingdom Halls have been required to seal up their windows, one of dozens of […]

When Amanda and I began our Year of Sundays project, it was inevitable that one day we would visit the Jehovah’s Witnesses, my old religion. Inevitable, that is, in the way jail time inevitably follows sentencing. Seven years, 415 therapy […]

All right. I admit it. I blew the experiment. Normally, Amanda and I try to reach out to church officials to let them know that we’ll be visiting their service. But this time around, we felt that if we wanted […]