Year of Sundays

Thanks to a comment and a few e-mails with “Former Bunhead” (who wishes to remain anonymous, but who “left the Old Aps when [she] was 18 (as soon as [she] could without taking to the streets) and has spent the decades since trying to recover), I learned that “Clark County, is home to the largest concentration of Laestadians (aka “bunheads”) outside of Finland.” So today we’re visiting the Old Apastolic Lutheran Church in Brush Prairie.

I have no idea what this religion is all about with the exception of knowing that they have dozens of children. My only exposure to them has been via an Apostolic Lutheran construction worker who was 25 years old and already had seven children. I remember him telling me how sad it was that his wife had to have a hysterectomy because they wanted to have at least five more. They lived in a double wide.

I’ve been advised to dress as shockingly sexy as possible, so there’s that too.

*Bunhead is not my word! I borrowed it from my lovely anonymous commenter.

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