Year of Sundays

I’ve wanted to attend a service at The Bridge ever since I first heard about it, which was long before I started this little spiritual journey of mine. People talk about this church. Even a quick visit to their website makes it easy to see why:

At the Bridge, Community is Key. Worship at The Bridge includes singing, dancing, drumming, painting, writing, lauging, crying, praying, learning, teaching, and even just listening.

We try to open ourselves up to full creativity, full giving of ourselves in worship to God, and see what God speaks back to us as individuals. People are not only allowed, but encouraged to worship in whatever way they want.

You deserve to be loved because you exist. And that love has to come without a price tag!

I deserve to be loved just because I exist? I’m sure some of my loveliest blog commenters would beg to differ.

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