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Ever since sound engineer Frank Laico laid down the tracks to Miles Davis’ ‘Round About Midnight in an old Armenian church in 1955, jazz musicians have eagerly sought out echoey old houses of worship to convert into recording studios. As […]

When I picked my kids up from their dad’s house on Thursday after work, the first thing out of my seven-year-old son’s mouth was, “Hey Mom, how many days left till we get to go to church again?” Not how […]

Somehow I accidentally published a draft of my next post before it was finished! (Kids: don’t drink and write.) I’m editing away and Joel and I will be posting both of our reports soon. Now I feel like I just […]

Sometimes coincidences transpire so fortuitously that they cause you to question your disbelief in God: little events that deliver just what you need, when you need it, neatly packaged as a can of chicken soup for the soul. This Sunday’s […]

I went into the temple last Sunday knowing next to nothing about Buddhism. I’ve never been to a service and I’m attempting to approach this project with an open mind so I can get a fresh perspective, which mean aside […]

This Sunday, Amanda, her kids and I dropped by The Grotto, a.k.a. the National Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother. Located on NE Sandy at 85th, it’s a 65-acre sacred oasis plopped into the middle of Portland’s crackerbox-apartment-and-lingerie-parlor district. Inside, however, […]

If the AMEZ Church was God from the inside out, The National Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother was God from the outside in. First, let’s ponder that name, shall we? I mean, as if it’s not bad enough that the […]