Words of Hope and Inspiration with Joel and Victoria Osteen
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When Jesus walked on earth, He was on a mission from Almighty God. His mission was to pave the way for us to live in eternity with Him. Not only did He show us the way to everlasting life, He […]

I love what the apostle Paul wrote to Timothy, a young man who had great courage and confidence. In Second Timothy three he wrote, “Timothy, I can see the faith of your mother Eunice and your grandmother Lois in you.” […]

When my kids come home from school or from visiting one of their friend’s houses, most times, the first thing they do is head for the fridge. They don’t ask me if it’s okay to get a drink. They don’t […]

A couple of months ago, I was celebrating my birthday out of the country with my family, and we invited some friends to join us for dinner. At dinner, one of my dear friends gave me the most gorgeous, handmade […]

We all encounter difficult people from time to time. You might even have someone that just came to mind at the mention of the word “difficult.” But have you ever thought that the person might be in your life for […]

Scripture tells us in James 5:16 that, “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” That means we have been given the power through prayer to make changes in our lives, in our homes, in our relationships and […]

Everything we do produces a seed and leaves something for future generations. The Bible says, “Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds” (Matthew 5:16, NIV). People may not necessarily hear your words, but they […]

So many people are walking around in this life, day in and day out, going through the motions, checking off their lists, breathing air, but they aren’t truly living the way God intends. See, God doesn’t want us to just […]

A couple of years ago, I was chatting with a young man who was sharing how the ministry had really helped him recover from a terrible divorce. He was saying that he just didn’t understand what had gone wrong in […]

God loves faith! In fact, Hebrews tells us that without faith, it is impossible to please Him. The good news is that each person has been given a measure of faith. (Romans 12:3) There’s a seed of faith deposited into […]